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If A Satellite Can’t Find A 500 Mile Region Of Closely Packed Ice Floes, Does That Mean That The Bears Are Going To Drown?

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Sub Pixel Imagery Of The Last Ice In The Arctic

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Anti-Science Paucity

Twitter / oakden_wolf: @ClimateDepot Keep quoting … h/t to Marc Morano

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Arctic BS – Worse Than It Seems

There is a lot more ice in the NSIDC ice-free areas than I realized. The satellite image shows that a lot of the non-existent ice is dark //ARCTIC.IO/OBSERVATIONS/8/2012-08-21/8-N74.298483-W168.189975 Here is the same image photographed from my screen using my phone, which … Continue reading

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1989 : Hurricane Hugo 145 MPH Winds

  hugo_vis.gif (1152×720)

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Cherry Pickers Move West

They had a very short season in Greenland, where they only collected one microscopic ice cherry and had to wildly exaggerate its size. Now they have moved over to the Chukchi Sea where they hope to collect a few cherries right before winter hits.

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Message From The CEO

IceFreeArcticLLC  Press Release June, 2008 CEO Jaymark Zwalserslowski announces that at the current rate of growth, our company will be debt free by 2012 2012 update CEO Jaymark Zwalserslowski announces that the 2008 announcement was a scenario, not a prediction. … Continue reading

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