Cherry Pickers Move West

They had a very short season in Greenland, where they only collected one microscopic ice cherry and had to wildly exaggerate its size. Now they have moved over to the Chukchi Sea where they hope to collect a few cherries right before winter hits.

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9 Responses to Cherry Pickers Move West

  1. Jimbo says:

    Their new modus operandi is to ignore the climate and look at weather events. Remember the recent US heatwave? This is how they will continue even if global mean temps start heading south. No matter how cool the world gets they will blame climate disruptiveness – you can’t win an argument against any religion.

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    Speaking a bald cherry pickers from the west, or that went to college out west (Berkeley), get a load of the National Review’s headlined response to hockey stick fabricator Michael Mann suing them:

  3. R. Gates says:

    When the entire Arctic region shows signs of warming and melting, it pretty much doesn’t matter what direction you go– you’re gonna find evidence of warming and melting. What gets harder and harder is for AGW “skeptics” to find any little cherries that show Earth’s energy balance hasn’t been tipped.

  4. jak says:

    Just to recap, I think you must mean this cherry:

    which seemed to have quite some juice:

    and overall, the melt on Greenland is at a record for any recorded year:

    Is this the “microscopic ice cherry” you meant?

  5. Andy DC says:

    Using corrupted data to “prove” fraudulent claims. Very clever!

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