Retraction : North Pole Is Gone After All

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9 Responses to Retraction : North Pole Is Gone After All

  1. donald penman says:

    You would think that they could get someone there to give the webcam lens a clean down.I would like to see what is going on there.

  2. Jason Calley says:

    Yes, with all that boat traffic through the arctic you’d think that some random kayaker would wipe it with a beach towel.

    • johnmcguire says:

      My guess is that they have thrown in the towel and are hauling butt south. And if the warmists have their way that lense won’t be cleaned all winter so they can say whatever they want .

  3. scizzorbill says:

    Not gone, just on walkabout. Magnetic pole that is.

  4. RobertvdL says:

    The camera is equipped with a lifejacket.? or when we see fish, we know that the Arctic ice is no more, RIP,gone ,the end, .finished ?

  5. scarface says:

    they covered the cam because they are skinny dipping over there.

  6. Streetcred says:

    Tiger’s hung his golf towel over the camera ?

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