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Obama Misspells The 57th State

Team Romney calls out Obama for misspelling ‘Ohio’ at campaign stop – The Hill’s Twitter Room

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Only 100,000 Manhattans Of Ice Remaining!

Experts tell us that 100,000 Manhattans of ice will melt this week, and we will have an ice-free Arctic. sea_ice_only.jpg (2200×1700)

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Hansen Taping Up His Windows To Stop The Wind

Extreme weather means more terrifying hurricanes and tornadoes and fires than we usually see. But what can we expect such conditions to do to our daily life? While doing research 12 or 13 years ago, I met Jim Hansen, the … Continue reading

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Close Up Imagery Of Red Hot Greenland

NASA published maps of the red hot Greenland ice sheet in July, and for the first time I can reveal close up imagery of what they were trying to show us. summit:status:webcam

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How We Know The Zwally Arctic Will Be Ice Free This Year

With temperatures below freezing north of 80N, we expect to see the fifteen foot thick ice along the Canadian coast melt like butter over the next few weeks. arcticictn_nowcast_anim30d.gif (740×666)

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Twenty Years Ago Today

175 MPH winds barreling towards Florida. Hurricane Andrew – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Ice Gain Since Yesterday

NOAA is showing more ice than yesterday. Turquoise is gain, red is loss. With a few days left to the melt season, the Arctic is doomed.

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Mosher On The Ice-Free Arctic

July 15, 2012 at 12:45 pm

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Wind Power Is Like Your Job

It blows in the morning and it sucks in the afternoon. Vestas to cut 1,400 more jobs as it reports quarterly pre-tax loss | Business | The Guardian

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Note From Joe Bastardi

Last  21 days of July vs  first  21 of August. You wont  find a bigger turn around. Consequently AGW crowd has to run to the  4% of the globe that has gotten hot in parts of Europe. Why doesnt that … Continue reading

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