Romm Goes Full Stupid On Hurricanes

You really can’t make this stuff up. Either Romm is an imbecile, or he thinks his readers are.

Perhaps the largest convention of climate science deniers in history — otherwise known as the 2012 Republican National Convention — starts Monday in Tampa, Florida. Unfortunately for the GOP, they are in the bull’s-eye of the latest track for tropical storm Isaac:

Two points on the global warming connection. First, the subject is inevitably going to come up if — as the anniversary of Katrina approaches — we have a hurricane bearing down on a party that in just four years has flipped from running on climate action to running away from climate science

If I remember correctly, the GOP lost the last election, and there have been no hurricanes in Florida since then.

Masters points out that in a worst-case scenario, the “Tampa Bay convention center would go under 20 feet of water, and St. Petersburg would become an island, as occurred during the 1848 hurricane”:

So they had a really bad hurricane in 1848, when CO2 was 280 PPM.

Of course, it’s not too late to avert the worst of climate change, but a certain obstructionist party would have to come to its senses and support preventive action now.

What is he trying to prevent? Hurricanes in Florida are half as frequent now as they were 160 years ago. Romm and his readers have the collective IQ of a turnip.

h/t to Marc Morano

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12 Responses to Romm Goes Full Stupid On Hurricanes

  1. u.k.(us) says:

    The more likely scenario is the “storm” such as it is, gets pushed into the gulf before invading the Florida panhandle.
    (The guesses have been moving westerly).

  2. Blade says:

    “Perhaps the largest convention of climate science deniers in history — otherwise known as the 2012 Republican National Convention …”

    It’s more like the largest convention of lukewarmers. There are only a couple of ant-AGW ‘republicans’ that anyone can even name for God’s sake. What an imbecile.

    What he is really saying is that the convention will be comprised of a bunch of people that do not fully conform to the party line taken by his own Democratic-Socialist party. He can not tolerate dissent. Commie bastard.

  3. lance says:

    You have just installed all turnips…

  4. Go Canucks!!! says:

    Reading Romm’s comment section has confirmed that you, Sir, are incorrect and that his readers are instead, morons.

  5. John Silver says:

    “Either Romm is an imbecile, or he thinks his readers are.”

    He don’t think, he knows.

  6. Jason Calley says:

    “Either Romm is an imbecile, or he thinks his readers are.”

    I am assuming that the “or” is an inclusive “or”, not an exclusive “or.”

  7. John B., M.D. says:

    For what it is worth, here are maps of Tampa Florida from 1851 and the present. I do not have the capability of overlaying them, but there does appear to be some landfill, and no doubt there are also sea walls that were not present in 1848:
    present day

    Also, we are approaching full moon (August 31). I’m sure we will be reminded of high and low tides for Tampa as we get closer to landfall. We will also know the trajectory and location of landfall if/when it occurs, and that will determine the storm surge. If Isaac passes to the east, you’ll get a lot of rain but a negative storm surge. If Isaac passes to the west, you’ll see more flooding.

    Count on the alarmists to milk this thing for all it is worth. But without 60 Senate votes, Democrats will never pass cap-and-trade. All they can do is issue Executive Orders and wreak havoc with the EPA. Never mind that U.S. CO2 emissions are at a 20-year low, mostly thanks to the free market and fracking for natural gas, yet China’s CO2 emissions are skyrocketing (why doesn’t Dr. Romm visit the Communists and try to push his agenda there?).

  8. kirkmyers says:

    There’s a reason why we call them “turnip greens.”

  9. Martin C says:

    Steve, I wish I had saved every NHC update with ‘track map’ – I am certain that Issac has moved nearly DUE WEST (from what I recall, of course could be wrong) , but every track claims it is moving slightly northwest. I do remember one of the first tracks had it hitting the tip of Florida and ‘bisecting’ the state; now it is so much further west . . .would you happen to have saved the early images of the track (or anyone . .)? ?
    . . . and not trying to be a ‘downer’ but the track, as it keeps slowly sliding west, looks like it might even end up near New Orleans, and maybe Wednesday early in the morning if it slows just a bit . . . ( . . no, I won’t say the date . . .all can check it for themselves . . . ) – let’s hope it is only a Cat 1 or 2 as currently forecast, where ever it reaches the gulf coast . . .

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