Cherry Picking At The Poles

It is interesting watching the Arctic ice nutcases.

They have determined that the only sea ice which is important is the ice which microwave sensors can’t detect in the Arctic, during a six week period when the sun is about to set.

There is plenty of ice for the bears and the walruses, the satellites just don’t see it. The sun is low in the sky, so the lack of ice has little effect on the Earth’s shortwave radiative balance.

It doesn’t matter that there was plenty of Arctic ice when the sun was high in the sky during May through July.

It  doesn’t matter that Antarctic sea ice is increasing.

It doesn’t matter that Hansen forecast most of the ice loss in the southern hemisphere.

It doesn`t matter that EPA has conveniently deleted the Hansen forecast shown above.

All that matters is crappy satellite data in the Chukchi Sea during a few weeks of August and September.


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14 Responses to Cherry Picking At The Poles

  1. R. Gates says:

    What new psycho-babble will you resort to when the Arctic is ice-free a few summers from now? You must have gone to to Joe Bastardi school of sea ice science– meaning of course that your textbooks were full of blank pages or pictures of kittens doing funny tricks…

    • I thought it was supposed to be ice free in 2008 and 2010 and 2012 and 2013 and 2014 and 2016. That is what the experts said.

    • rocknblues81 says:

      What is the point in whining about something that we can’t stop?

    • johnmcguire says:

      Wow , R. Gates , you really dislike Joe Bastardi it sounds like . I am of the opinion he is a pretty decent guy . However , everyone to their own opinion . My question to you is what are your short term predictions for this winter ? I see your midterm prediction is ice free in a few years . Would you say three or four years qualifies as a few ? Just curious because possibly some of us will still be around in three or four years . I mean on a scale of one to ten a few is three or four right ? As to my weather / climate predictions , I am not willing to jump up and say what will be happening a month from now as weather prediction is not my study . On the other hand I see Joe Bastardi regularly make fairly accurate predictions and therefor I listen to them . Joe makes his living at it and is worth listening to because the pressure to be accurate is upon him . He stated several years ago that he believed we would be getting a cooler climate and my observations in my area agree with that as we are no longer able to grow late apples to perfection due to a cold November when up to 2008 we grew good quality late apples . I think we will see cooling for awhile whether I like it or not . As to the sea ice I know Joe said it would struggle for a few more years and then swing back on the increase when the AMO turns cold. I have heard a fellow commenter named Eric state here on Steven’s site that he thinks that to be the case also and they do so while showing the data that leads to that conclusion . I therefor am patiently waiting to see what happens . The wild speculations accompanied by the arrogance and scorn that the warmists put out on the other hand has totally alienated me from them . It occasionaly makes me angree enough that I become less than civil . I believe the warmists are being disproved by nature now and am thankfull to see it . The only warming we are seeing now is from manipulated data and the warmists are totally ignoring the new USCRN data as it contradicts their anthropogenic global warming agenda .

    • Amber says:

      Speaking of babble the warmist nuts have been predicting ice free for many years, opps it isnt going to happen.Low solar cycle of course the sun has no effect on out climate.You listen to Hansen btw who is an astronomer, check his own bio for yourself.The southern hemisphere is setting new cold records and increase in ice area. wake up!!!!

  2. joe from Australia says:

    R.gates,What caused Arctic to be ice free pre 1900’s and pree 1800’s?To bad history recording of the Arctic is very very limited!

    • Used to be ‘warmest year on record’. Then I fondly remember ‘warmest 6 contiguous months on record’. Now we’re down to ‘warmest month on record in place X’. I seem to be detecting a trend here. 😉

      • joe from Australia says:

        That is all we hear in Australia,”records this” “records that” No wonder they teach crap in history classes!

  3. F. Guimaraes says:

    They have lost, Steve, and they know it. All the signs point to a (probably long) cooling period: the PDO and the AMO are entering a period of negative anomalies simultaneously, the Antarctic ice has been increasing steadily since the 70’s, even the Himalayas are not loosing ice anymore, some unusual cold in Australia, S. Africa, record snowfall in Alaska, etc., etc.
    They can continue to lie for more a few months, possibly 1 year more, but very, very soon anything they say will be contradicted by the facts and the lies will stop.

  4. John says:

    Oh, then we`ll hear them discuss the coming ice age, clearly brought on by human activity. Wait: we already heard that back in the 70s.

  5. alvaro sevilla says:

    What a shameless people are you with that garbage of comment over the Climate Change, maybe you have a nice work in publictiy or in a Petroleum or Carbon company.

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