Neil Armstrong Dead

A sad day for humanity. Neil was the first person (and one of the last) to set foot on another world.

First man on moon Neil Armstrong dead at 82, family says | Reuters

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9 Responses to Neil Armstrong Dead

  1. LLAP says:

    Indeed a sad day. Rest in peace, Neil.

  2. Scarface says:

    Armstrong’s speech at the Apollo 11 25th Anniversary:

    Rest in peace.

  3. It’s always a shock to read these things…

  4. Geoff Brown says:

    ONE giant loss for mankind.
    The world watched on that July afternoon when a man called Armstrong walked upon the moon –

  5. Eric Simpson says:

    This is one that strikes a chord of sadness. Like a father figure or something, gone, as the sands of time are passing on, and that’s the sad irrevocable part. It will never return.

  6. Shooter says:

    The loss of a great man is tragic, but the fate of the organization he worked for, and of science itself, is even more tragic. I’m sure he regarded this global warming hysteria as nonsense, and was angered at the decay of science.

    May he Rest in Peace. The dreams of humanity stepping foot on other worlds died with him.

    • Eric Barnes says:

      Truly. Imagine the billions wasted on AGW sending more rovers or something similar rather than fluffing up a wacko theory to justify the neurotic ramblings of Hansen and his ilk. Hopefully this garbage theory and those that subscribe to it will be sent packing soon.

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