Isaac Update

Issac is about to cross the Florida Keys. NOAA reports 65 MPH, which is 15 MPH higher than any station is recording.


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15 Responses to Isaac Update

  1. johnmcguire says:

    At NOAA , they intuitively know what any hurricane is doing . I mean look at their track record .

  2. Don Sutherland says:

    The latest reconnaissance estimated maximum sustained winds of 56 knots. The detailed information from the preceding flight had maximum winds about 50 nautical miles northeast of the center over open waters; the most recent data at that level of analysis isn’t in yet.

    In any case, the most recent vortex report is below:

    URNT12 KNHC 261602 CCA
    A. 26/15:27:10Z
    B. 23 deg 38 min N
    080 deg 57 min W
    C. 850 mb 1393 m
    D. 56 kt
    E. 351 deg 56 nm
    F. 058 deg 48 kt
    G. 341 deg 61 nm
    H. 996 mb
    I. 19 C / 1401 m
    J. 20 C / 1524 m
    K. 16 C / NA
    L. NA
    M. NA
    N. 12345 / 8
    O. 0.02 / 5 nm
    P. AF309 2109A ISAAC OB 06 CCA

  3. OldOne says:

    I’ve been following the surface wind speeds too from the NOAA buoys.
    44 knts / 49-50 mph is the highest reported observation from the surface buoys. I imagine their 65 is based on models from altitude.

    Wouldn’t surprise me a bit if they would apply their ‘model corrections’ to the real empirically measured data. Gotta realize that the US CAGW zealots are suffering from 7yrs of ‘hurricane deprivation’. Anything to alleviate that horrible pain.

    • Don Sutherland says:

      The National Hurricane Center’s advisories have nothing to do with climate change.

      • OldOne says:

        Other than the fact that the NHC is also part of NOAA, like the NCDC which ‘adjusts’ climate empirical historical temp data. And NOAA promotes the climate scare.

    • OldOne says:

      Just to be clear. I didn’t mean to indicate that the NHC, NOAA were CAGW zealots. I was referring to Romm, Foster aka Tamino, Hansen, Mann, etc. who were suffering from ‘hurricane deprivation’.

  4. Andy says:

    Are the grphics on the map in Km per hour? They seem to be indicating 80, if metric that would be about 50mph as Steve states.


  5. checked out the Duval street cam. Light rain and not much wind. People in front of the bar/cam waving.

  6. Regarding the Irene debacle, here is a link to the poor reporter getting covered in green slime (raw sewage) .

  7. Off topic, USGS is reporting nothing except by computer, about the 40 or so quakes > 2.5 in the last 4 hours (4 very strong) at Brawley. sigh

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