Republicans Take The NHC Sucker Punch

TAMPA— With this city under a tropical storm watch, organizers of the Republican National Convention were set to go forward with an opening night party Sunday while working on packing four days of planned events into three.

Republican National Convention reworking schedule because of Tropical Storm Isaac – The Washington Post

Old Jedi Mind Trick

The goal is to stop Obama from destroying the country, not behave like Joe Romm. Stick with the plan. The (barely) tropical storm Isaac is going nowhere near Tampa.

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8 Responses to Republicans Take The NHC Sucker Punch

  1. John B., M.D. says:

    Dr. Maue’s prediction (at WUWT) is looking more and more correct for location of landfall, though his prediction of Cat. 4 seems too high.

    • miked1947 says:

      LA. or TX. probably have a better chance of getting hit than FL. For that matter it could curve and track right up the center of FL.

  2. Richard T. Fowler says:

    Anyone familiar with the philosophy of dialectic knows exactly what is going on with the drama over this storm.

    The Republican leadership was for cap and tax before they were “against” it. Therefore, they also seek to wreck the U.S. Their China policy, which has not changed and that includes Romney, is further evidence of this, and there’s much more. Republican leadership is globalist, and the globalists are Leninist. These people control both sides of the debate, and they are the ones playing the cheap mind games.

    Fool you once … four times … people keep voting for them. They are all the same group of people. They tried to kill Reagan. And now, at least electronic vote counting, the decision of who wins is made ahead of time. The vote counts are rigged if necessary. That is why there hasn’t been another Reagan in the Republican Party. Because those who could fit the bill know that his policies will not be allowed to prevail at the ballot box during primary season.


  3. At least they’ll get a day at Busch Gardens.

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