The Little Agency That Kept Crying Wolf

Lower Keys Webcam – Official Tourism site of the Florida Keys

Issac is about to cross the Florida Keys, and is currently bringing top wind speeds of 45 MPH (near Miami.)

WunderMap® | Interactive Weather Map and Radar | Weather Underground

NOAA is reporting 65 MPH  Yesterday, NOAA issued hurricane warnings for Florida.

This is of course reminiscent of Hurricane Andrew, which hit 20 years ago and had 175 MPH winds.


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5 Responses to The Little Agency That Kept Crying Wolf

  1. Frylock says:

    The only ground observations of Andrew were sustained winds of 146mph at the Turkey Point Nuclear Station:

    So there’s no way that damage in that photograph could have been 175mph winds.

    Also, I looked up the Joplin, MO obs for May 22, 2012:

    They only had winds of up to 54mph. There couldn’t have been a tornado in Joplin that day.

    In Greensburg, KS on May 4, 2007 they only recorded 26mph winds:

    So there couldn’t have possibly been a tornado there either.

  2. u.k.(us) says:

    Typo in post, it should be “Isaac”.
    Keep up the good work, gotta call the bastards on their BS.

    Looks like someone along the coast is gonna have a hurricane come ashore ?

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