The Witch Says She Is Melting

Strong winds from the Kara and Laptev Seas have been compacting the ice. The world is not falling apart. Stop whining like little girls, please.


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37 Responses to The Witch Says She Is Melting

  1. Chillville says:

    Indeed, the whining is getting old!
    Check out the northern basin, Copper River Basin that is…
    allow the popup and install the small Toshiba viewer file. There’s some “presets” for quick ptz.

  2. jak says:


    You and I may have disagreed several times over various subjects; and my respect for you is quite limited, because you are such an incorrigible and transparent liar.

    But I would like to say this. You really are beginning to grow in my respect, because, although you must clearly be able to see that your position is completely untenable, still you perservere.

    There is something genuinely noble in your stance. IMHO, your war on reality, as defined by anybody who has the slightest idea of what they’re on about, is not going well.

    But we both know this. And you have kept to your post.

    Elsewhere on the conservative/demented side of the climate debate, a deathly hush.

    As the data has poured in from the North this year, nothing from WUWT – two weeks now – Delingpole, last seen charging at windmills – Jo Nova – well, its all to do with the Northern Hemisphere – does the North Pole exist?

    I imagine that you might find this hurtful… to be abandoned here, without a leg to stand on, in the last ditch. But there is something almost noble about it. The 12 year olds that died in Berlin in 1945 for Adolf… the Japs that only surrendered in 1963.

    You are clearly mad; but you are not a pathetic snivelling coward, like several other leading conservative commentators.

    Indeed, you are the last man standing. A worthy champion of the Romney/Ryan position on science.

    • Tony Duncan says:


      Hear hear. I am banned so this won’t be posted, but I am glad someone else sees the amazing character that is Steve Goddard.

      • Tony Duncan says:

        Well,m this is no bowl of cherries. i haven’t posted anything since Steve found a reason to censor me, and no my comments get posted after all? I could have had so much fun.

      • Tony

        why didn’t you bristle at him using the word ‘conservative’? You like to fancy yourself as being neutral. But seeing you went along with his political soap box monologue it reveals something about you.

      • Tony Duncan says:


        I was just responding to Jak’s appreciation of Steve determination. Apparently he doesn’t like Steve very much, so the other stuff is just par for the course with the back and forth on hot political topics. I certainly wouldn’t say Steve was a liar, he doesn’t need to be. One just needs to look at his posts about the arctic since march to understand what is going on here.

      • Traitor In Chief says:

        Tony! Long time no chuckle! How the heck are ya?

      • Tony

        Again, why didn’t you bristle at him using the word ‘conservative’?

    • jak

      You have a mean streak in you.

      You really think all of the people you list are abjectly wrong? You really are that blind?

    • Eric Barnes says:

      No MSNBC or PBS and a strict diet or Raisin Bran for about a week and you may recover. Good luck.

    • It’s all political jak? They’re all ‘conservatives’? The fact that you say they are reveals your political bent. You cannot see they care about truth more than politics. Everything is a political pigeon hole to you.

      I am not a conservative. I am not a liberal. I hate politics. And I know this global warming hysteria is all wrong. Can your mind understand that?

      What you need to do is produce evidence that what is happening in Arctic ice right now has never happened before. Because as it is now you sound like a talking head from the left wing of politics who has swallowed all of the poor global warming science hook, line, and sinker. You sound just like a political clone, mean tone and all.

      Did you vote for Al Gore in 2000?

    • Romney/Ryan?

      Wow, they haven’t even won yet and already the hate is coming out. But they will win.

      Obama is a loser. He is un-American. And his time is done. The only reason he won in the first place is because it gave America the opportunity to show it WASN’T a racist Nation. But that proof is now in the books. It’s time for America to move on to something else. Bye Barack. Quit taking credit for winning. It wasn’t you. It was the color of your skin.

    • rocknblues81 says:


      What a laughable condescending post.

    • Blade says:

      Jakass, you are almost pathetic enough to replace Ill wind blowing. Hmmmm. 😉

      But I have a question for you. If money was no object, and you were assigned the task of removing all the snow and ice from Greenland, just how would you do it? Can you design a plan that would achieve this?

      Even if you used up the entire stockpiles of U235 and Pu239 in a huge array of Hydrogen Bomb detonations could you do this? The biggest blast ever, 50 megatons, was maybe 5 miles wide. See the immense size of Greenland and ponder the scale of the challenge.

      Yet still you fret over a few extra molecules of CO2. That is very sad. You climate kooks remind of the obsessive craziness and paranoia of Howard Hughes (with germs and infection) in his later years. Careful or you will wind up a recluse or be found wandering the parks feeding pigeons and talking to yourself.

      • Tony Duncan says:


        you might want to consder the number of joules that are added to the surface of the earth by the sun, and then ask Lindzen, Christie, Spencer Pielke or any of the hundreds, I mean dozens, er, handfull of other climate scientists how much their extremely low estimates of the effects of CO2 compare to our arsenal of nuclear weapons.
        let’s make an apples to apples comparison!

      • Blade says:

        Tony Duncan, how is possible for you to miss every single point unless you are incredibly dense, I mean beyond the periodic table dense. Are you in fact R.Gates?

        Anyway, stop avoiding the question (and letting Jackass off the hook). Now think for a damn second. The nuke analogy lets you time elapse your multi-hundred year theories and Hansen scenarios into an instant. Total Joules delivered by the sun is irrelevant, a red herring you supplied to avoid the point. It is excess joules, above and beyond what has always been delivered to the Earth, allegedly withheld by CO2 added by humans, that you must only consider. Start adding up those alleged extra joules, and not for the entire Earth but for Greenland only and calculate how many years out you must go to put a dent into the icepack.

        This is a simple hypothetical assuming cost is no object and consequences can ignored. You get to expend thermal energy far, far, far exceeding mere watts per sq ft in a timeframe far, far, far shorter than your doomsday scenarios require. Can you make it happen? Can you melt Greenland?

        How many thousands of years would it take to allegedly accumulate the excess solar energy due to CO2 to be in the ballpark of thermonuclear hypotheticals? If it cannot be done in a short timeframe using a jackhammer, why worry about doing it in a ridiculously long timeframe using a teaspoon.

        If you put your big boy pants for a second on you might realize you’ve been brainwashed by agenda driven slimeballs. It would take thousands of years to facilitate through excess CO2 the “retention” of the excess energy required to come close to hydrogen bombs, and much more to terraform Greenland from the icy hell that it currently is.

        You really don’t believe long term CO2 effects dwarf instant thermonuclear effects? If you do, well just say it.

      • Tony Duncan says:


        Ah you are smart enough to understand the concept of “excess joules” I better work harder to think I could fool you by foolishly making you consider ALL the joules absorbed from the sun. I REALLY underestimated you.
        But then you try and foist off the , what did you call it, Ah yes, “red herring” that it has to be ONLY in Greenland. BUt I am NOT as stupid as you apparently thought I thought you were. You actually DO have to consider the excess joules for any part of the earth that will have an impact on the melting of greenland. That might actually include the Atlantic ocean and any area that impacts any of the the air that passes over greenland in the next few hundred years. If you add up all those joules I think you will discover that our puny thermonuclear capability is vastly outnumbered
        I am in good company because the people who are actually experts of the potential melting of the greenland ice cap all seem to agree that it would take many hundreds of years at the earliest and lilely more than a thousand. if you can find any actual expert who has stated (rather than paraphrased by an ignorant journalist) that the Greenland ice sheet will melt in the next hundred years, i will be happy to condemn them.
        yes, long term (in the scale of many hundreds of years) total energy from the excess extra joules caused by anthropomorphic CO2 in the Atmosphere does dwarf Thermonuclear capability of humans at present time.
        And here I am no physicist, and am quite willing to go out on a limb here and apologize to you if I am wrong, as long as you include ALL the extra joules that could impact the melting of the greenland ice sheet over say the next 500 years. Frankly I don’t have a clue how to determine that, but I have some friends who are intelligent and can do number figurin if you really want to know.

      • Dear Tony Duncan,

        You sure can use an awful lot of words.

      • Blade says:

        Tony, you are using a wall of words to duck questions. Can you design a plan that would melt Greenland?

        If it cannot be done in a short timeframe using a jackhammer, why worry about doing it in a ridiculously long timeframe using a teaspoon?

        yes, long term (in the scale of many hundreds of years) total energy from the excess extra joules caused by anthropomorphic CO2 in the Atmosphere does dwarf Thermonuclear capability of humans at present time.

        A degree rise in temperature exceeds thermonuclear effects? Sheesh.

        It is probably a waste of time to point this out, but you are also failing to grasp that whatever warming has occurred since the LIA (and whatever tiny amount in that already small number is due to ‘extra’ CO2) is not a static constant. It will get cold again, and warm, and cold.

        You are completely stuck on stupid to think that the environment is now frozen in time, that there will be no more LIA’s, only straight line warming from here to ??? (end of Holocene?).

        P.S. warm is good, cold is bad.

  3. Andy says:

    Sorry, must have missed something here, what has politics got to do with all this?

    It only becomes political when Sarah Palin can see the ice from her house 🙂


  4. slimething says:

    Keep in mind, Mark Serreze said this about the Bering Sea ice in 2010:

    “This is weather,” said Serreze. “Don’t conflate this with climate.”

    Serreze and others like him are not scientists, they are salesmen.

  5. Greg Locke says:

    Just a reminder, Steve, that we had a $100 bet on the 2012 minimum being below that of 2007. I think that has now happened according to the site we both agreed would be the arbiter. You should send your check to Second Harvest Food Bank in New Orleans. I’ll send another $100 to Mr. Romney as a gesture of good will.

    As I’ve said before, we will, in the next five years, see a gradual increase in summer minimum extent as momma nature moves us into a cooler phase of her cycle. The hand wringers need to calm down.

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