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55 MPH Winds


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Issac Makes Landfall With 45MPH Winds


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Republicans Cause Hurricanes!

While Tampa was spared the brunt of Isaac’s fury, a destructive landfall in Louisiana in the next day or so could create uncomfortable split-screen television images of the convention juxtaposed with the hurricane. Republicans kick off storm-hit convention | Reuters … Continue reading

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63 MPH


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Obama Modeling His Campaign Based On 1917 Russia

A Genie appears in a field and tells the peasant he may have any wish he desires, but he must know that his neighbor will receive twice what he gets. The peasant hems and haws … I can’t stand the … Continue reading

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Obama The Action Hero : New Orleans Style

Obama fled peak 31MPH winds on Martha’s Vineyard last year when Irene hit, so it only makes sense that he should fly to New Orleans this year to provide maximum disruption of Romney’s speech. http://www.wunderground.com/

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My New Job As Bill McKibben’s Headline Writer

Climate deniers meet in Tampa as New Orleans gets ravaged again.

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Creating An Obama Free America

Arctic experts tell us that an “ice-free Arctic” means one million km^2 We could create an Obama-free America by not counting a lot less than one million km^2.  Without a half dozen large cities, he wouldn’t have a chance. Election 2008: … Continue reading

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69 MPH Wind


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Katrina II Update : Peak Winds – 37 MPH

  WunderMap® | Interactive Weather Map and Radar | Weather Underground

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