Katrina II Update : Peak Winds – 37 MPH


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9 Responses to Katrina II Update : Peak Winds – 37 MPH

  1. kbray in california says:

    Another item ” low on wind “…

    The “Arctic Row” Team quit rowing on Sunday.
    Judging from the map, the “rowing across the Arctic Ocean” consisted of hugging the coast of Alaska.


    The Green Spin Doctoring on the unsuccessful journey is ” Victory !! ” (they still need money)


    A sane decision for an insane plan.

  2. ozspeaksup says:

    sounds like a good drying day..
    time to wash the woolens and blankets:-)

  3. Greg Locke says:

    I’m in New Orleans, where the media have been getting more and more hysterical. This a tropical storm, for god’s sake. I wonder how long it will take Jim Cantore to find a sign blown down somewhere so he can film in front of it. The media should be ashamed.

    One good thing about Isaac is that the computers have it tracking north into one of the areas where the “worst drought in history” (aka the last 20 years) is at its most extreme. The drought to end all droughts could be over by the end of the summer. I guess the screamers will turn their focus to arctic ice as the new harbinger of climate catastrophe.

    By the way, Steve, don’t forget our bet.

  4. Andy DC says:

    Remember last year Lee was only a tropical storm and was still a billion dollars catastrophe. In this age of inflated/fraudulent property claims, it doen’t take much!

  5. Greg Locke says:

    Maybe I sould get on the phone to FEMA so I can be the first to get some of that free govmint money. Wait. Louisiana is a red state with an annoying Republican governor. My guess is Mr. Obama ignores us except to preen for the cameras with Brangelina in front of one of their 9th ward houses where the solar panels were blown off in the storm.

  6. Lance says:

    will be interesting to see if the drought monitor gets updated after the rain hits….

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