Obama Modeling His Campaign Based On 1917 Russia

A Genie appears in a field and tells the peasant he may have any wish he desires, but he must know that his neighbor will receive twice what he gets.

The peasant hems and haws … I can’t stand the thought of my neighbor having more money than me. I can’t stand the thought of my neighbor having a more beautiful wife than me.

Finally he tells the genie : take out my left eye

This message was approved created by Barack Obama


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5 Responses to Obama Modeling His Campaign Based On 1917 Russia

  1. Trip says:

    Yep, kompleat kontrol at all times, komrade! Speaking of control, I know you know all about this sort of stuff, Steven, but I thought I’d add another piece of evidence to the Weather Engineering case file. As you’ve said many times, more heat one place generally means more cold in another; similarly, which communities and watersheds are being robbed of their water due to Modified Weather? Screen grab and html files preserved from the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

    html file grab before the ad “expired.” http://www.68153.com/dropbox/public/00109.htm/modify_weather.htm

  2. suyts says:

    Yep, that would be our village idiot.

  3. Jason Calley says:

    The name “Bolshevik” was a clever piece of propaganda. While still a tiny minority, they assumed the name “Bolshevik”, a name which means “Majority.” Hence, all the newspapers reported that the “Majority Party” was holding a meeting, had proposed a program, etc.

    In the same misleading way, some modern political activists (even though they are tyrannical collectivists) now refer to themselves as “Progressives.”

  4. I’ll have to remember this one. It’s a nice fable about envy.

  5. When a politician appeals to “fairness” rather than arguing for an approach that produces the best fiscal outcome for the entire community, well you are dealing there will popularism not rationality.

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