Republicans Cause Hurricanes!

While Tampa was spared the brunt of Isaac’s fury, a destructive landfall in Louisiana in the next day or so could create uncomfortable split-screen television images of the convention juxtaposed with the hurricane.

Republicans kick off storm-hit convention | Reuters

Hurricanes never used to happen before climate deniers took over the Republican Party.


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7 Responses to Republicans Cause Hurricanes!

  1. gator69 says:

    Why would anyone use a split screen for this, and what exactly would be uncomfortable about it?

    They are insane.

  2. Cult of CO2. It demonstrates how all rationality has disappeared from this topic.

  3. leftinbrooklyn says:

    My palm reader told me that Republicans cause acne also.

  4. The hysteria-mongers are breathing a sigh of relief that Isaac has managed to achieve hurricane status, no matter how minimally (as of 5:25 central time, I noted the highest wind noted on the map at the wunderground site is 76 mph, though the weather channel is saying 80 mph, but it is much less over land). I expect the storm to weaken now that it is moving onto land, and I expect it — not as any kind of expert on hurricanes, but by my age one has seen many of these storms play out on TV — to downgrade back to a tropical storm before midnight, unless it turns back over deep water (which is not likely at all). …The weather channel just updated, noting 73 mph near the eye (so why are they still calling it a hurricane?) — and they say they expect the maximum to go as high as 100 mph as the storm goes onto land, which does not make sense to me (it should start dropping within the next four hours, I believe, though they should have much more experience than me.) Tomorrow morning, I expect they will be clinging desperately to reports of torrential rain to justify their continued hyping….Now Obama is talking about it, on the weather channel, saying the “hardest work is ahead”. Little does he know (because Isaac is not a major hurricane, but the November elections will be).

  5. They know conventions give the Party a spike up in the polls. This is dirty play on their part to try to keep the Republicans from getting that big spike. They really want Obama to have 4 more years. they haven’t got a strong enough dose of Marxism from him yet. But he’s going to lose anyway.

  6. This must be the worst hurric -er – tropical storm since Irene, the one guy on NBC News in Louisiana has to rock sideways with his knees in order to simulate the fierceness of it while the wind ruffles his jacket slightly.

    Global warming causes hurricanes not to develop eyes and midwest mega-drought/floods

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