Ice Free Arctic Update : Twice The Size Of Alaska – Plus Texas

Arctic Sea-Ice Monitor

It’s a death of intelligence spiral.

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13 Responses to Ice Free Arctic Update : Twice The Size Of Alaska – Plus Texas

  1. R. Gates says:

    It’s melting Steve, and if you live just a few more years– maybe around 7 or 8 at the most, you’ll see ian ice- free Arctic. But these are all rather inconvenient facts that must cause AGW deniers no small amount of cognitive dissonance.

    • johnmcguire says:

      So R. Gates , what produced the ice free periods in the arctics past ? agw must have been hard at work back then . To believe that a trace gas controls the climate is idiocy beyond comprehension . CO2 is a monster ! And you are conveniently forgeting the antarctic as it doesn’t support your little idea . And so now you are pinned down to 7 or 8 years as your ice free prediction . Well , I don’t know what the arctic ice will be doing in seven or eight years and I certainly will not be worrying about it . The planet and man has been adjusting since our past began and will continue . What I really think could change the climate is if some fools set off a nuclear exchange .

    • graphicconception says:

      Big Al said the Arctic would be ice free in 5 years.
      He said that just over four and a half years ago.

  2. Andy says:

    But not the size of the USA, which is what it used to be !

    At this rate it will be smaller than the unit of Manhattan, which is a very small unit indeed, ice measurment wise.


    • It was a few weeks ago..

    • You Chicken Littles never change – in 1974, you were all, “Oh noes! Look how much MORE ice there is now than 30 years ago! Humans must’ve done it!” And now the same Chicken Littles are squawking, 40 years later, “Oh noes! Look how much LESS ice there is now than 30 years ago! Humans must’ve done it!”

      But keep on squawking. Fear will always sell…

  3. dmmcmah says:

    I have to admit the arctic looks really bad this year. I remember you mocking me in July for pointing out the areas with low sea ice concentrations. Well guess what all that ice is gone like I thought it would be.

    As I tried to point out then melting sea ice doesn’t prove CO2 is the cause and I am not a AGW believer. A look at AMSU shows that 2012 is not particular warm for the 2000s and remains quite cooler than 2010 globally.

    • What looks “really bad” about the Arctic?

    • squid2112 says:

      Really bad? Who gives a rats rump if the whole thing melts. What the hell difference will that really make? … think about it! … will sea levels rise? .. nope .. will Polar Bears suddenly become negatively buoyant and sink like a rock to the bottom of the sea? … nope .. so what exactly would happen? … yep, not a fricken thing .. so get over it already…. sheeesh.

      • gofer says:

        It will be just like the ozone hole in a few years, nothing will change with the ups and downs but it will disappear from the discussion and will no longer be relevant. There will be a new scare in 10 years. This one has run it’s course.

  4. Ron C. says:

    Arctic ice extent for August 29 from NIC:
    2007. 5.04 M sq miles
    2012. 5.93 M sq miles

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