1974 : CIA Enumerated The Devastation Of Global Cooling

Hansen is busy lying today about how extreme weather has gotten worse due to global warming. In 1974, the CIA said the exact opposite.

“The world’s snow and ice cover had increased by at least 10 to 15%”

“The six west African countries .. became the first victims of climate change”

Within a single year, adversity had visited nearly every nation on the globe”


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7 Responses to 1974 : CIA Enumerated The Devastation Of Global Cooling

  1. gregole says:

    Back in the ’70s cooling, caused by Mankind of course, was all the rage. Here’s a reference from German media from that time:


    Global cooling, caused by Mankind’s industrial pollution (greed), overpopulation caused Mankind (lust), leading to massive starvation (retribution).

    Good on us we have our top theologians, oops, I mean our top scientists working out the dogma, oops I mean consensus. How can anyone is good faith question these beliefs?

    Oh. It’s not cooling. It’s warming. Oh. And again, Mankind is to blame. Same BS. Different decade and funny enough some of the same characters – Erlich, Holdren, Suzuki, et al.

  2. gofer says:

    All those disasters and horrible weather with CO2 at the “safe” level. How can that be? If all this happens when it’s “safe”, what’s the point of trying to lower CO2 levels? Or does CO2 act differently now than it did in the 70’s? How about a grant?

  3. tckev says:

    I would also like to note that when the climate was colder there was more drought.
    Funny that.
    Again contrary to Hansen theory where more heat gives more drought.

  4. Laurence Crossen says:

    It is more true to say that global cooling causes more extreme weather because for every degree of cooling at the equator there results 3-5 degrees at the poles. This difference in temperature between poles and equator is the main driver of weather according to meteorologists. On the other hand, as tckev says above, the colder the mean annual temperature the drier the Earth. Then we must admit that global warming would cause more extreme precipitation events.

  5. Jay Zwally says:

    There you go again. The CIA report is about the impact of short-term climate fluctuations, not about multi-decadal trends in climate we are now and what Hansen talks about. In 1974, there was very little climate research, and you note what the report says about agencies starting a National Climate Research Program.

    Jay Z

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