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Floods Are Much Worse Now

St. Petersburg Times – Google News Archive Search

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Ted Turner’s Communist News Network Evaluates Ryan And Rice

Roundup: How did Paul Ryan do? – CNN.com

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1973 : 60 Day Long Global Cooling Flood

The Miami News – Google News Archive Search

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1974 : CIA Enumerated The Devastation Of Global Cooling

Hansen is busy lying today about how extreme weather has gotten worse due to global warming. In 1974, the CIA said the exact opposite. “The world’s snow and ice cover had increased by at least 10 to 15%” “The six … Continue reading

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Record Summer Cold In Greenland

The meltdown has brought -35C to the ice sheet. Note the line of flags they put in today to keep people from getting lost in the blizzards. summit:status:webcam

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Romm Pulls An Al Gore

That isn’t Issac – it is Katrina. They lie about everything. h/t to John Bogen

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Yes – You Built That

Paul Ryan just blew me away. We have the opportunity to replace the America hating fraudsters at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with first rate Americans. This is the most important election of my lifetime.

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Party Is Over?

10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

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July Maximum Temperatures Were Fourth Hottest In The US

The three hottest years for maximum monthly temperatures in the US were 1936, 1934 and 1901. The graph below shows the unknown adjustments which NOAA makes – discussed in the Paul Homewood’s article below. Note the bizarro adjustment in 2012.

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NOAA Declares Hottest July – But Don’t Know How They Did The Math

Paul Homewood goes right to the source. The real mystery, though, is how they arrive at the 1934 number. There are State Climatological Reports available from then, but no direct comparison can be made with current ones because there were … Continue reading

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