Permanent Drought Continues In The Southeast, Kansas And Oklahoma

Intellicast – Weekly Precipitation in United States

You really can’t make up stuff more comedic than the US Government.

US Drought Monitor


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15 Responses to Permanent Drought Continues In The Southeast, Kansas And Oklahoma

  1. johnmcguire says:

    They just can’t help it Steven , they have locked themselves in to their agw scam and have no way out so they grasp at any little straw and when the straws fail then they lie . History will not be kind . .

  2. Betapug says:

    But it’s a dry rain don’t you see? Climate change changes everything.

    • David Appell says:

      I wonder what Midwestern farmers would think of your joke. The drought affects real people, you know.

      • One million people die every year in car accidents. We must never talk about cars.

      • David Appell says:

        If you didn’t change the subject, you’d have nothing to talk about.

      • I wonder what Midwestern farmers would think of your joke.

        If Midwestern farmers were as big of crybabies as you’re implying, I doubt they would be farming for long. But in any case, it doesn’t matter what they cry about, David Appell, only your perception of them.

        The drought affects real people, you know.

        Stupidity affects quite a few purportedly real people as well. I guess we shouldn’t ever have fun at stupid people’s expence.

      • Ben says:


        I wonder what car accident victims would think of your lack of acknowledgement. Last I checked they were real people too. Not enough for you? Some of them were farmers…

        Ahh, there’s your compassion, back again, strong as ever.

        Glad to assist.

    • KnurledCrops says:

      Steven has never ran a farm before to know that when you have exceptional drought it takes more than a quick shot of rain to fix it. Extremely dry soil will not soak up the water right away, and so the water will run right through it. It takes either an extreme amount of rain or a good rainy spell over a good bit of time to reverse a drought like that.

      You also can’t look at how weeds react to rain (or grass) because grass and weeds need relatively little water compared to sizeable crops like corn or tobacco, or even fruit trees.

      If Steven ever had the guts or intelligence to run a farm, he’d know that.

      • I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you could have an “exceptional drought” after receiving 12 inches of rain over the last two months. Previously that designation was reserved for “exceptional drought”

        The complete lack of any subtlety among alarmists never ceases to amaze me.

      • Normal KS rainfall was generally around 30″/yr. I guess getting 40% of your yearly rainfall within 2 months means that the drought truly is exceptional. Like, exceptionally wet, maybe. Or perfectly normal for a non-drought year.

      • KnurledCrops says:

        Go out and look at the soil. You obviously haven’t done that. You’re welcome to do that if you want but I will put you to work on my farm if you do. The soil is in bad shape in most of Kansas right now. You’re in CO, so why don’t you drive a few hours on I70 and see for yourself.

      • ozspeaksup says:

        as someone who IS rural, the simple fact dams and rivers fill is a damn good thing, and yeah dry soil goes nonwetting for a while, the little that does remain is enough to start the insoak..better then none isnt it?
        and again, one lousy dry season is NOT a drought, try Years, try australia.
        try growing decent food crops like wheat barley rye and oats instead.
        corns high water demand for damn little feed, and most of the lost corn was GM for biodiesel anyway, subsidied to make growing it even worth considering.

    • Ben says:


      Drought stricken farmers experience record profits. Thanks for letting us provide a little balance.

  3. gofer says:

    Yes but the big bucks, somehow, have to be justified: How much would you get by saying everything is normal? It has to be bad, even if there is nothing out of the norm.

    “CU-Boulder selected by NOAA to continue study of climate change – The Denver Post

    Although the amount of the award is contingent on the availability of funding in the federal budget, NOAA said it anticipates that up to $32 million may be available annually.

    Total NOAA funding is variable from year to year and is based on the number of projects the university proposes and NOAA approves.”

    __Tom Nelson

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