Record Minimum? Not

There has been more ice in 2012 than 2007 since February.

Ice Extent Archives

NIC charts are produced through the analyses of available in situ, remote sensing, and model data sources. They are generated primarily for mission planning and safety of navigation. NIC charts generally show more ice than do passive microwave derived sea ice concentrations, particularly in the summer when passive microwave algorithms tend to underestimate ice concentration. The record of sea ice concentration from the NIC series is believed to be more accurate than that from passive microwave sensors, especially from the mid-1990s on (see references at the end of this documentation), but it lacks the consistency of some passive microwave time series.

National Ice Center Arctic Sea Ice Charts and Climatologies in Gridded Format

h/t to snafu

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6 Responses to Record Minimum? Not

  1. donald penman says:
    masie have a daily value if you click on comma separated values, I am not sure when they update this value.

  2. snafu says:

    If you go into the ‘daily Ice Extent’ archive (start 2007, end 2012 – Aug),
    it was only yesterday, Aug 31st, that 2012 dipped below last years (2011) level but is still above 2007.
    Aug 31st, 2007 – 4.95 Million sq. km
    Aug 31st, 2012 – 5.5 Million sq. km

  3. ntesdorf says:

    The record of sea ice concentration from the NIC series is inconsistently wrong while that from passive microwave sensors is consistently wrong. Now we really know where we are.

  4. IHateBoromir says:

    Steve, try to report old (pre 2008) values in square miles and new values in square kilometers. It will be final nail in the coffin for AGW.

  5. Steven Mosher says:

    Opps it just fell below 2007.

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