Northwest Passage – Still Blocked With Ice

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9 Responses to Northwest Passage – Still Blocked With Ice

  1. Eric Barnes says:

    I’m sure OKneel is breezing through the nw passage in his kayak. Haven’t seen him around in a while. Truly one of the best AGW trolls on this site.

  2. Sundance says:

    NSIDC thinks all those white pixels are drowning Polar bears. 🙂

  3. mitchel44 says:

    Open for some,, of course that’s in this day and age of communications and sat photos to pick a nice clean route.

    I believe a passenger ship was going to attempt a crossing this year?

    I’m torn between wishing them well, and hoping for a really crappy weather system to push enough ice around to ruin their trip.

    Just think of the Lloyd’s Open Salvage amount for pulling that out of the ice.

    • Me says:

      😆 before I even look at the link I was thinking if they chartered an Ice breaker to lead the way, but I see our tax dollars volunteered it.

  4. Andy OZ says:

    Joe Bastardi interviewed by Jim Puplava yesterday about the latest weather hysteria in north America, droughts, hurricanes and floods.

  5. This is not good news for alarmists. Alarmists must not be getting enough good news because Al Gore is talking about getting rid of the electoral college instead of his big money maker global warming. The man just cannot get over losing in 2000. There is something deeply wrong in him that needs some help. He can’t do it alone.

    • Me says:

      Of course he most likely approved the messages being thought and probably now can’t afford the ads anymore. Perhaps, Maybe, Possibly, Could be, errr Likely! Is that enough weasel words to exonerate Me?

  6. Douglas Pohl says:

    Did you see the “boys” in sailboat BELZEBUB2 saying their Northwest Passage was dedicated to sounding the alarm to climate change without anything but good travel pictures of ice – no experiments, data collections or records etc … lol… they issued a press release after covertly following the greatest world circumnavigator and explorer, U.K. David Scott Cowper, age 70, navigating solo aboard POLAR BOUND through the 161 year old original Northwest Passage route of ice choked McClure Strait… and did not even thank Cowper for his assistance let alone acknowledge his presence until called on the carpet for telling white lies – sailors not – which today they have changed their story somewhat and give credit to Canada Ice Service aircraft recon flights for getting them through the ice… OMG are these the kids who we are going to be trusting to run the world in the future… where do I get off?

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