Religion And Heresy

Global warming nutjobs have now officially adopted the language of the Inquisition. You can only be a “heretic” of a religion.

Don’t give climate change heretics an easy ride | Jay Griffiths | Comment is free | The Guardian

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22 Responses to Religion And Heresy

  1. gator69 says:

    When something is based entirely upon faith and belief, it ceases to be science.

    I thought the left was supposed to be the more tolerant and inclusive half.

  2. The simple message of this post should be front-page news, especially now that Europe has fallen to that religion:

  3. Sundance says:

    There are still those that believe that Barack Hussein Obama is the savior of mankind and the planet and that he will stop oceans from rising. They have the same tolerance level towards heretics as those who don’t tolerate jokes about Muhammad.

  4. Old Goat says:

    If we realists are heretics, then it follows that those who accuse us thus must after all be religious zealots, after all.

  5. Sundance says:

    Tom Nelson provides a link to a non-heretic (Green Tremayne) with some suggestions that can incorporate into your daily activities with my comments in (para) as to what Bill McKibben would offer to improve the activities. 🙂

    •Stop Having Children (Consider reto-abortion for yourself)
    •If You Must Have Children, Buy Baby Credits ( Also be sure to provide daily affirmation to your children that they are destroying the planet and will die horrible deaths as punishment for being born)
    •Slow Down Your Breathing (For Republicans discontinued breathing is preferred)
    •Reduce Your Use of Paper Products (One sheet of toilet paper or better yet man-up and go bare handed and remember to trim your nails)
    •Euthanize Your Old Pet (Eating your old pet is greener still)
    •Purchase Carbon Credits From GreenTremayne (Why didn’t I think of that scam to make $$$$?)

    • Richard T. Fowler says:

      When I read your comment, I thought that these “green tremayne” action items were some kind of sarcastic joke by a realist. But I had to go see, and my blood briefly went cold. My emphasis below:

      “One of the best ways to reasonably enjoy your pet and reduce your overall Carbon Footprint is to determine in advance how long your pet should live. As a family, set a date when your pet will be euthanized. One great way to teach children the value of pet euthanasia is to turn the occasion into a family celebration. Let’s say you’ve set March 10, five years from now, as your pet’s euthanasia date. For the next five years, celebrate March 10 as your pet’s special day, with a family party and perhaps a visit to your pet’s future burial spot. Teach your children to think of the occasion as a birthday in reverse. A predetermined euthanasia date will encourage your family to love and care for your furry friend while it’s still young and playful.

      A smiling, beautiful, young, playful woman named Daphne is pictured as the author of all of this genocidal language. I wonder how many “predetermined euthanasia dates” she “celebrates” every year.

      Let there be no doubt that this is what we are up against — people who want to do this forcibly and en masse.


      • Richard T. Fowler says:

        Actually, in reading the “fine print”, it appears to be a joke. But I still don’t doubt there are people who think this way. I think that the author of this should be a little more careful. There are people out there who may actually consider some of these things to be good ideas. Don’t give them any help!!


      • jimash1 says:

        It wouldn’t be such good satire if it wasn’t so nearly plausible a position for our Zealous friends .

      • Jimash, respectfully, may I suggest you look up the definition of the word “satire”. Take care of yourself.


  6. Andy OZ says:

    Inquisitions and crusades against heretics and non-believers are the next step.
    Then kangaroo courts and mock trials.
    Humans have sure come a long way in 2000 years. …… not!

    • Ockham says:

      In a twisted way, we can only hope. The longer alarmism masquerades as science, the longer people will remain complacent. Once it goes draconian, people will really see it for what it is.

  7. Bill Pounder says:

    Germaine (Germs) Greer says, “I USED to write for The Guardian . . . which I think is possibly the most repellent newspaper in the world . . . Thank God I don’t write for them any more.”

  8. Andy DC says:

    The certifation would just be to make sure that you have all the alarmist misinformation and talking points down cold.

  9. Sparks says:

    “Climate Change heretics rarely have a science background…” Is that a fact?

    Ive been studying Astronomy and Science for over 20 years in my free time, out of necessity to earn a living I became an Electrical Engineer and after returning to collage after completing my 5+ year apprenticeship in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering I advanced to a network & computer technician and programmer. I’m also qualified in horticulture and have worked with an environment agency for some years when I was younger studying and gaining experience in understanding our environment. As I am now self employed and working on a small business I still find the time to study science and astronomy and my plan is to work towards the relevant qualifications I want in science and astronomy, when I have the time and when it suits me financially.

    These opinions coming from the likes of the Grundian are unbelievably ignorant and nasty. Heretics indeed.

  10. rw says:

    What are Jay Griffiths’ scientific credentials? (Are they as good as Ivar Giaever’s?)

  11. manicbeancounter says:

    On the other hand, a Professor of Psychology gets a paper published claiming sceptics also believe in every conspiracy theory going, including NASA faked the moon landings. This was achieved from a survey only published on alarmist blogs. When you actually examine the data, there were only two respondents both supported the conspiracy theory and rejected “climate Science” out of 1145 completed surveys.
    The Guardian then laps it up and reports as sound science.

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