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Nutcase Alarmists

Rabett Run: The Arctic Ice Pack Gives Marc Morano the Finger Amazing the stuff that these people obsess about. That region of ice is MYI covered with fresh snow. It isn’t a “chunk”, it is unlikely to melt, and if it did … Continue reading

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My July 20 Arctic Forecasts

From July 20 : My Arctic Forecasts | Real Science That was exactly what happened. According to JAXA, from July 6 to July 20 the slope was -95,600 km^2 per day and from July 20 to August 2 the slope … Continue reading

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Talking Out Of Every Side Of Their Mouth

Sure Hansen’s forecasts were too high Hansen’s forecasts were spot on Newer models forecast less warming – they are more accurate It is worse than it seems. Newer models forecast much more warming. There is no limit to the perverse and dishonest nature of … Continue reading

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Latest Ad For The Scumbag In Chief

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