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Light-Free Forecast

If the current trend of Northern Hemisphere days getting shorter continues, we will be light-free¹ by this time next year. ¹Light-free meaning that there is only one million km^2 of light covered area. Advertisements

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The Hockey Stick Is Real

The failure of  tree rings since 1960 to produce evidence needed for funding the next climate boondoogle, has led them to graft Obama’s national debt numbers on to the proxy temperature record. The hockey stick is very real. They normally … Continue reading

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If Current Trends Continue, Fort Collins Will Be 170 Degrees By Tomorrow Morning

Fort Collins has warmed twenty degrees in the past four hours. If the current trend continues, temperatures will be 170 degrees by tomorrow morning. Note that I said “if” which according to Appell et. al. makes it OK to say really, really … Continue reading

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Obama On The Campaign Trail In Virginia

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Proof Emerges That Obama Attended Columbia University

BREAKING NEWS: Proof Obama Attended Columbia University  h/t to Dave G

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Climate Change Saves Obama From Humiliation In Charlotte

Democratic officials confirm to POLITICO that President Obama’s prime time address will be moved indoors to the Time Warner Center. The Thursday address was scheduled to be at Bank of America stadium — an outdoor venue with more than 70,000 … Continue reading

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Classy President Shows His Respect For His Secretary Of State

I have been subjected to about a thousand public service ads on Fox Soccer Channel with Obama telling us not to commit violence against women.

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