CO2 Has The Power To Make Scientists Incredibly Stupid

2000 –  Snow is a thing of the past

Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past – Environment – The Independent

2011 – Snow is a thing of the future

Scientists: Global warming linked to big U.S. snowstorms –

2012 – Snow is a thing of the past

Enjoy snow now . . . by 2020, it’ll be gone | The Australian


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22 Responses to CO2 Has The Power To Make Scientists Incredibly Stupid

  1. Claims based on models that can’t replicate the present hydrological cycle, much less the past or the future…

  2. Chewage says:

    I’ll take it!
    We have 5 new glaciers, as depicted by 2 year old snow in the ravines to the tune of 44′ deep.
    Since it did not melt over the summer as it has over the past 10 years, I do believe we’ll have a nice reflective blanket for a while to come.
    The 5 visible are just that, visible from my front yard.
    Looking further (via small aircraft), we see approximately 135 more just on the north end of The “Wrangell-Saint Elias” National Park!

  3. rocknblues81 says:

    Global Warming causes…. EVERYTHING.

    Rain, Snow, Sunshine… whatever. Global Warming causes it all.

  4. It’s snowdrought predicted by global warming.

    • Bruce says:

      And snowmageddon 18 months ago was also predicted by global warming. See they got it right! Anyway I look forward to waterskiing in the Rockies after the 1000m sea level rise.

  5. gofer says:

    And they destroy their own theory. Without an increase in water vapor there is no CAGW, since that supposedly is a positive feedback in the loop to the tipping point.

    “When plant pores close earlier in the day the plants release less water vapor through the pores. A lower water vapor content in the atmosphere means fewer cumulus clouds are formed.

    Fewer cumulus clouds mean more sunlight can reach the Earth and increase the temperature more rapidly.

    The researchers found that atmospheric CO2 concentrations were the major contributor to this never before included natural processes involved in climate change.

    The scientists predict a reduction of evaporation rates by 15 percent by 2100 based on present and predicted levels of CO2.”

  6. Andy OZ says:

    Click to access AnClimSum2011_LR1.0.pdf

    Here is a link to the Australian climate summary for 2011. The old bullshit detector is going off!

    Page 1, decadal mean temp is increasing. GISS and BOM Australia shows no change over 100 years at a bunch of places in Australia where UHI isn’t a factor. (Until they get modified by some graduate)
    Page 2 – Two La Nina’s cause a wettest 2 year period record. Like rain never happened before. Page 3 – Average rainfall is trending up. Huh? On the driest continent? Good.
    Page 6-9 Australia has temperature changes with the change of seasons. Stop the presses.
    Page 10-13 Australia has rainfall variation consistent with seasons changing
    Page 14 Rainfall is above average across the entire continent for 2011. (Old news on this site)
    Page 22 – Sea levels change at different rates in different parts of the ocean. What??? Is gravity different across the planet? This one takes the cake.
    Page 23 – Global sea levels rising at 3.2 mm per year? Looks like repeating someone else’s stuff from IPCC or somewhere?

    Anyway – more of the same crap.

    • Bruce of Newcastle says:

      “Two La Nina’s cause a wettest 2 year period record.”

      This is why I’m so mystified that Will Steffen and Tim Flannery were pushing the permanent drought meme for so long. When la Nina comes by we get increased sea surface temperatures around Oz, and rainfall rises. So if global warming occurs it is logical to think sea surface temperatures rise and we get more rain, not less. All I can think is that the message “woe, permanent drought, woe” suited their aims better than “well we’re going to get more rain and won’t need those desal plants anymore”. The punters might get the wrong message if the effect here of global warming might be good.

  7. No, gentlemen. “It was Beauty that killed the brains — the beauty of the Consensus.” (from the classic movie, “King Brains”, starring Fay Wray)

    Also: “How can we be sure we’ve destroyed them all? There may be idiots in every university in the country…in the world! Keep watching the skies!” (From “Them!”, “The Thing”, “Terror From the Year 2000”, and “Forbidden Planet”, and… every science fiction movie ever made)

  8. gator69 says:

    Actually, it is the mixture of CO2 and cold hard cash that begets the dreaded grantologist.

  9. Eric Barnes says:

    In defense of CO2, correlation does not imply causal relationship.

  10. Anthony S says:

    Page 22 – Sea levels change at different rates in different parts of the ocean. What??? Is gravity different across the planet? This one takes the cake.


    Actually, yes, gravity does vary across the planets surface, owing to the slightly different density of rock in different locations.

  11. Shooter says:

    Global Warming implies warming. In a warmer world, we would not see more snow, but rain. That’s how physics works. Emissions have little to do with it (correlation/causation fallacy). Now they’re predicting no snow by 2020? Based on…climate models. Oh wow.

    I love the “one group of scientists” weasel word – and they don’t mention any.

    • Marcelo says:

      Those that profit from Global Warming have to change their argument a lot these days because the pseudo-science they use is clearly wrong.

  12. Mike says:

    “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

  13. Thom says:

    Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.
    Mark Twain

  14. Great title !

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