Bill Clinton Delivers His Greatest Speech

 I want to say one thing to the American people. I want you to listen to me. I’m going to say this again: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie, not a single time; never. These allegations are false.


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8 Responses to Bill Clinton Delivers His Greatest Speech

  1. philjourdan says:

    Seems that all Clinton has to do to have his “greatest” speech is wag that finger. Democrats love Clintons finger (except Monica who goes for the cigars).

  2. johnmcguire says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, dumbocrats are pathetic in their hero worship . This is the guy who before becoming president was almost middle income in wealth , and after leaving the presidencey suddenly was worth over one hundred million dollars . Really got some good deals with those book signings and those investments in cattle and all huh ? And he left more scandals than a cheap whore .

  3. gregole says:

    Thanks for reminding everyone just what this man is all about – dishonesty. For the life of me I cannot understand what people see in Clinton. Of course, look at the gullible fools voting for Obama…

    • rocknblues81 says:

      I heard a number of republicans that liked/likes Clinton.

      • Since registered Republicans number in the tens of millions, it would be hard to imagine any opinion that could not be found among a group that size.

        I expect that there are Republicans that believe that President Obama has always been truthful. (Frankly, I expect that this opinion is held by a minority of Democrats; the rest believe that “shaded” or “nuanced” statements or outright falsehoods in pursuit of a larger goal are permissible.)

        Clinton used his political prestige to gratify his need for sexual gratification in an adulterous relationship. This is a serious character flaw, but was exacerbated by his willingness to blatantly lie to keep his power and position (lying to the public and to the courts, the latter of which got him disbarred in Arkansas and at the US Supreme Court).

        Lying to keep his political prestige is still his pattern, judging by his recent statements and speeches including this one.

        But I have a bigger problem with Clinton — and I was annoyed when the impeachment proceedings that were gearing up to go after him for his treasonous dealings with China (for which nearly a hundred of his associates and connections were indicted or fled the country) got distracted by Monica Lewinsky instead. That affair suddenly seemed to be an easier target.

        I wrote a bit of poetry about that, if you’re interested.

        ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  4. NikFromNYC says:

    Bill was an astute opportunist not intent on killing the host. His selection of the fanatic Gore as VP, however, has created a perfect storm indeed, a whole generation who barely vote yet, waiting for the sky to fall and Bambi to catch fire.

    As the latest crop of synthetic organic chemists go jobless in their potentially formative peak years, boring bacterial STDs are becoming fatal again, as is TB. No amount of “nanotech” or botique market “drug delivery” hype will forgive it. Neither the political nor media class warned us of the brewing housing bust or how climatology was becoming a liberal art. At least pop culture got it right with its ongoing fascination with zombies and vampires!

  5. Brian G Valentine says:

    It is surprising that Clinton never learned anything from professional lie spotters, people engaged by police to estimate probability someone is telling the truth. Clinton’s prefacing his remarks with “I want you to listen to me right now” was the first thing the analysts said to have indicated he was lying.

  6. Andy DC says:

    The witch (Hillary) is already to kick off her 2016 broom ride. She is so wonderful! She stood by her man! I have heard that enough times to vomit.

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