Ice Free Arctic Update

Top NASA experts predicted an ice-free Arctic for 2012, and it has happened. (Ice-free meaning twice the size of Alaska plus Texas.)

Hansen forecast peak ice loss in Antarctica, which has also been decimated.


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4 Responses to Ice Free Arctic Update

  1. Andy DC says:

    Winter has come early in NE Siberia, where a chunk of sea ice remained off the coast all summer.

  2. Mike Odin says:

    Let’s see now–
    Sci Am idiots say that (for a wasted billion dollars)
    Russia is building the biggest nuke icebreaker ever
    (to be used to break through expected
    increased FUTURE 15 foot ice in shipping lanes)–
    in addition to its dozens of nuke an non nuke icebreakers
    currently operating(usa and Canada have together only 3 or four
    non nukes)–
    because russia expects THE ICE TO DISAPPEAR–
    and sci am disbelieves that all the icebreaking and shipping
    in the russian arctic waters have anything to do with the current
    minimal reduction of ice and appearance of “rotten ice”.
    (nor that increasing shipping will reduce arctic ice further
    or has reduced it in the past)
    apparently sci am believes that once ice is broken,
    it immediately refreezes and then waits around for
    agw to reheat it and rot it(and that mechanically broken ice does not ever count)–
    Sci am cannot have it both ways. They have decreed
    that agw is the only physical force that can affect arctic ice.
    No mechanical forces can compete with agw.
    Ice leads followed by current arctic “explorers” are
    the result of agw and never by icebreakers or commercial vessels
    or ferries or mineral exploration or
    military vessels.

  3. Richard T. Fowler says:

    Steven, out of curiosity, have you counted the yellow pixels in that first graphic? I would be interested to know what the number is. Is it your belief that this particular graphic has hit a minimum for the year? Thanks.


  4. NoMoreGore says:

    Polar Bears are drowning everywhere, no doubt. This means that next year, they will all be gone.

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