Peter Wadhams Confirms Scenario A

Time for a hockey team huddle. The climate liars have been claiming that scenario B is the correct one, but they can’t keep their story straight.

Peter Wadhams, professor of ocean physics at Cambridge University, warns Peter Wadhams, professor of ocean physics at Cambridge University, warns Co2 levels are rising at a faster than exponential rate

Climate change expert calls for nuclear power ‘binge’ to avert global warming | Environment | The Guardian

When arguing for scenario (B)ullshit they claim that CO2 emission trends have been reduced linear, but when it suits their needs they change the story to super exponential.

More Temperature Figures

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22 Responses to Peter Wadhams Confirms Scenario A

  1. Brian G Valentine says:

    Graphs from Columbia U show nothing abnormal except hyperventilated coloring in some of the figures.

    Take their crayons away from them, it is irresponsible behavior on their part.

  2. Me says:

    Did ya notice his sea ice comment of complete loss during the summer by 2015?

  3. Jimbo says:

    The two big problems for warmists is this:

    1) The co2 / temperature scenario failure.

    2) The lack of warming for around 15 years.

    They now latch onto the Arctic while ignoring soot, wind, currents, thermometers in airports and the very healthy iced up Antarctica. No wonder they are losing.

  4. Dave N says:

    Someone should tell China how much CO2 has been “reduced”; I’m sure it’ll make them feel a whole lot better

  5. Shooter says:

    Kids, climate change is bad, you need to stop breathing because it’s bad, mmmkay? You shouldn’t upset the climate, mmmkay? You need to band together, waste your money, and wait for an apocalypse that won’t come, mmmKay?

  6. Shooter says:

    Dude, “Peter Wadhams warns Peter Wadhams” – TIME PARADOX

  7. James Hein says:

    Popped over to the Mauna Loa site to see if I had missed anything on C02 trends, no.

  8. Doctored Chart Finder says:

    This is a doctored chart. Marking this comment as spam doesn’t change the fact.

  9. tckev says:

    I expect to see more of these type of articles from Britain.
    The problem is that within 10 years or so a lot of Britain’s existing electricity generating plant is due for replacement. Successive governments have made it impossible for new oil or coal generator to be built. Gas would have to be imported and is seen as unreliable.
    There is now a political power struggle for what will get built as the replacements. The government coalition partners the Liberals, and also Green parties do not want nuclear, they want ‘sustainable’ power (wind, wave, tidal, wood-burning, fairy-dust etc, etc.). The current Conservative part of the government wants a nuclear option.
    The upside of this is that Conservative sympathetic reports such as this will keep coming out for a year or so, until a real decision must be made. The Greens and Liberals will, no doubt, counter with plans for recycled fart power or some such nonsense during this time.

    • Brian G Valentine says:

      I would hate to be a pol in Britain ten years from now, lamenting “having listened to a group of narcissistic charlatans and ruining a perfectly adequate industrial society three hundred years in the making”

    • playwithlights says:

      Hi, do you have references for your statement? thanks.

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