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Still Recovering From Extreme Weather Hell

I spent last winter in Maryland, where I was subject to day after day of mild, sunny weather, little snow, and perfect cycling conditions. It turns out that I survived the third most extreme winter on record in that part of … Continue reading

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NASA Finishes Erasing The 1930s And The Ice Age Scare

Twitter / oakden_wolf: @ClimateDepot I think … Here is the graph he linked to. Note how temperatures were flat from 1930 to 1980. giss.jpg (1024×661) This is what temperatures looked like in 1975 – according to NCAR denisdutton.com/newsweek_coolingworld.pdf It is awesome … Continue reading

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Global Warming Causes Cold

Look for team climate moron to switch gears in the next two weeks and tell us that a warming Arctic is making the US very cold. All that warm air in the Arctic plunges south and gets very cold as … Continue reading

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Carter Vs. The Killer Bunny

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NASA’s Primary Mission Under Obama : Make These People Feel Good About Their Accomplishments

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The Newcastle Conspiracy

The vast majority of people in Newcastle support Newcastle United FC. It must be a conspiracy. The vast majority of people who make their living from global warming research money believe that more money is needed to study global warming. … Continue reading

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Katherine “World Began In 1970” Hayhoe Flames Climate Denier Conspiracy Theorists

Katherine’s research normally assumes that we have no weather records prior to 1970, and she considers it a conspiracy that bloggers call her on her BS. Twitter / KHayhoe: Climate denier bloggers scramble …

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