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Summer 1936 Vs Summer 2012

Steve Keohane made an apples to apples comparison of August, 1936 vs. August 2012, which makes it easier to visualize the depths of depravity which NOAA has sunk to in claiming that this past summer was one of the hottest ever. July … Continue reading

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Obama Donating $50,000 Of Your Kid’s Money Per Chevy Volt

a report from Reuters says every Volt sold is costing General Motors a lot — like almost $50,000 per car. According to estimates provided by industry analysts and manufacturing experts The First Shift: Report says GM losing $50k on every Chevy Volt … Continue reading

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Can Obama Achieve This During His Next Four Years?

Ottawa Citizen – Google News Archive Search

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You Didn’t Build That

h/t to Dave G

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PBS On Refugee Camps

I was listening to PBS describe the squalor of “Palestinian refugee camps” in Lebanon, where they have been for seventy years. Why have refugees been kept locked up in Lebanon for seventy years? When refugees come to civilized parts of the … Continue reading

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9/11/2001 In The Middle East

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Obama To Beat Carter?

Jimmy Carter went for almost four years without a major hurricane strike, but Hurricane Frederic struck on September 13, 1979 – only a few months after Carter was attacked by a bunny rabbit while fishing. It was also seven months after the … Continue reading

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