University Of Arizona Researchers Caught In A Vicious Cycle Of Global Warming Funding

Berwyn now working for Romm

Arizona rainfall has been far above normal this summer


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5 Responses to University Of Arizona Researchers Caught In A Vicious Cycle Of Global Warming Funding

  1. Pathway says:

    Growing conditions are so horrendous that the Ponderosa pine stands have 200 tree per acre rather than the preferred 4 trees per acre. And they wonder why the have catastrophic wild fires.

  2. gregole says:


    One of your best headlines ever! Hilarious.

    Anyhow, it has been very nice here in southern Arizona this past spring and summer. Damper than usual though not excessively so and not that hot. Now comes the absolutely beautiful season. Oh, did I mention it”s gorgeous outside right now?

  3. higley7 says:

    We are not warming but they KNOW there is warming. Hmmmm. DId they even check? It’s impossible for them to gain real world data that says anything meaningful. Which means their field time budget can be pared to nothing—they have to make up the data, which can be done in-house quite easily.

    Research would be SOOOO much easier, if we could just make stuff up. Why didn’t I think of that? Oh, yeah, I’ve got morals, those shackles of well-balanced minds that make us feel bad for LYING.

    I was in a long legal battle over a 100 year old family summer cottage—my sisters were broke and wanted to sell but would not let me buy them out— I, the black sheep, have always had a job. Anyhow, I received almost a lawsuit per week based on blatant lies, with the goal of making me defend myself in all those ways and all the costs. When asked why I didn’t do the same to them, I was speechless, not knowing how to create lies out of thin air. Some people are sure better at it than others. In the end, they won, but I found that the high road was still the way to go. I can sleep at night and look myself in the mirror in the morning, and like what I see—a moral man.

    My sisters, however, fit the profile of sociopaths. Life is better with them gone from my life. The revenge is to have a good life, knowing that they will end up old and alone, the typical fate of sociopaths.

    So, how many warmist scientists are sociopaths. At least James Hansen and for sure Al Gore. Maurice Strong, yes, maybe even a psychopath—a sociopath who does not just want control but also wants everything you have. Dr. Mann, marginal but I think he got himself in so deep in his duplicity that he cannot see a way out.

  4. Andy DC says:

    Arizona is in vicious cycle of droughtflood, both exceptional drought and record rain at the exact same time. Unprecedented!

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