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Sea Ice Area Sets New Record High

The amount of sea ice around Antarctica is the greatest ever for the date, and the thirteenth highest daily value ever measured. Most of the world’s sea ice is located around Antarctica, and it has been steadily increasing for at … Continue reading

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Antarctic Ice Shelves In Massive Retreat!

21 Jul 1932 – A Warmer World.

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Top Canadian Expert – Three Years Since The Last Multi-Year Ice Melted

November 27, 2009 One of Canada’s top northern researchers says the permanent Arctic sea ice that is home to the world’s polar bears and usually survives the summer has all but disappeared. Experts around the world believed the ice was … Continue reading

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Steig et Al 1947

12 Apr 1947 – REBIRTH OF THE “DEAD CONTINENT?” Scientists Note…

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Catastrophic Warming At The Poles

31 May 1947 – ARCTIC PHENOMENON Warming Of Climate Causes Concern

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Is The North Pole Going To Melt Entirely?

April 16, 1923 THE NORTH POLE CAUSES OF CHANGE OF CLIMATE. Is the North Pole going to melt entirely? Are the Arctic regions warming up, with prospect of a great climatic change in that part of the world? Science (says “Popular Science”) is asking … Continue reading

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Arctic Melting – Animals Migrating North – Fishing Threatened


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