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1921 : Earth Had A Fever

USHCN raw maximum temperature data shows that 1921 was the second hottest January-August in US history, after 1934. But it wasn’t just the US which was hot. Heat, drought and famine struck much of the planet.

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Can Texas Save Portugal?

More precisely, can Clint Dempsey save André Villas-Boas’ job?

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Eighth Largest US Corn Crop On Record

NOAA has been wildly exaggerating the heat and the drought, but the corn crop doesn’t lie. RFA President Bob Dinneen said the USDA crop production report confirmed that farmers are likely to harvest the eighth-largest corn crop on record this fall, … Continue reading

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Crouching Striker, Blind Referee

Peter Crouch’s ‘handball’ goal belonged in the NBA, claims Roberto Mancini | Mail Online

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Greenland Ice Sheet Interior Gaining Ice

During the summer of 2011, I posted this picture of the Greenland Summit Camp, and possibly overlaid the Wildebeest. Note the building in the background. Wildebeest Move To Higher Ground In Greenland | Real Science Now compare vs. today’s picture. I have been watching … Continue reading

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Unprecedented Climate Cheating Going On At NOAA In 2012

NOAA and their useful idiots have filling the airwaves with claims that 2012 is the hottest year in US history. They accomplish this by massive cheating. The raw maximum temperature data shows that 2012 (so far) has been the seventh warmest year – … Continue reading

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Remembering The Winter That Wasn’t

Last winter brought record snow and cold to much of Europe, Asia and Alaska. But because it was warm in Washington D.C.  US climate experts determined that it was proof of global warming. The could see Russia from the window of their … Continue reading

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