Crouching Striker, Blind Referee

Peter Crouch’s ‘handball’ goal belonged in the NBA, claims Roberto Mancini | Mail Online

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4 Responses to Crouching Striker, Blind Referee

  1. Graham Lear says:

    Nothing wrong with what he did, its up to the ref to spot it and stop play. The Man City Manager is now starting to see that no matter how much money you spend you just cant buy class. or as I like to say you cant make a silk purse out of a pigs ear, the pigs ear being Man City by the way.

  2. ‘Effing Clattenberg. He’s got previous with us – early in his career he yellow carded Kevin Horlock (2nd, so he got sent off) for “walking towards the referee in an aggressive manner while asking a question”. Last season, when we were 1-0 up at Chelsea and pissing on them, he turned down a clear penalty for a trip on Silva, and failed to card to horrendous studs up tackles by Ramires (sp?), either of which was a straight red. Had he done the right thing, we’d have been 2-0 up and Chelsea down to 10 men in the first 20 minutes.

    Of course, Chelsea went on to win.

    My heart sank when I saw he was the ref.

    People still talk of Crouch’s goal against us last season. What is not mentioned that to get to the ball to score, he gave Barry a huge shove in the back. Hey ho. Not a bad point against a durable Stoke on a non-league pitch.

    Oh and he missed Mario getting an elbow in the face as well.


  3. Graham

    Fourth after four games, unbeaten, and two of our hardest away games we have come away with draws. We’re bedding in new players, and this City fan of over 50 years supporting them is perfectly happy with how things are going.

    BTW. The first team to buy the league was our out of town neighbours, in 1911, when a wealthy director invested 6k in the club (a huge sum then), to buy players with.

    Nothing new under the sun, is there? I should also point out that Ferguson spent a fortune on players before United were to win the league again after that long gap.

    If pigs ears win the league, then that’s fine by me. You sound bitter to me – I guess you are a United fan?

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