Remembering The Winter That Wasn’t

Last winter brought record snow and cold to much of Europe, Asia and Alaska. But because it was warm in Washington D.C.  US climate experts determined that it was proof of global warming. The could see Russia from the window of their house.

Deadly freeze, heavy snow keep slamming Europe –

This winter is forecast to be cold in the eastern US, and US climate scientists are already sandbagging by claiming that it will be due to low Arctic ice extent. This despite the fact that the coldest US winters occurred in the late 1970s – when Arctic ice was at its peak.

There seems to be no limit to how much nonsense US climate scientists are willing to produce to protect their jobs and funding.


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7 Responses to Remembering The Winter That Wasn’t

  1. kirkmyers says:

    The AGW alarmists know no shame. When the weather turns cold this winter (as models are forecasting) in the eastern half of the U.S., they will blame man-made CO2, not Mother Nature. If the arctic oscillation (AO) goes deeply negative, the eastern half of the country could see a winter like the one it experienced in 2009 – 2010, as the jet stream plunges farther south, bringing with it arctic-like temperatures. The cold weather will have absolutely nothing to do with arctic sea-ice extent, which grows or declines in response to shifts in the AMO and PDO, changing ocean currents and other natural causes.

    Prepare to hear the screams of the climate change crowd as they blame frigid weather and blizzards on global warming. As people scramble to heat their homes and pay their utllity bills, the global-meltdown maniacs will make themselves look even more ridiculous.

  2. Steve Clough says:

    Pretty soon the warmists will see a cause and effect on the outcome of the Super Bowl and Stanley Cup on AGW.

  3. Andy DC says:

    If next winter is mild, severe or anything in between, the “experts” will tell us it is totally consistent with AGW.

  4. scizzorbill says:

    The Big Green Machine pumps out the propaganda to be disseminated by the MSM to ignorant lazy people everywhere who wait to be told everything. Liberals being the most susceptible as Lenin noted.

  5. Rosco says:

    After more than a decade of watching AGW alarmism I am still amazed that people who have to deal with serious cold are terrified of a few degrees of average warming. Where I live we already have the effects of scenario C – our average is around the low to mid 20’s C. Seems the Brits who migrate here are not prepared to go back home because of the heat stress.

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