2012 Now The Worst Hurricane Season On Record

The non-season of 2012 is now tied for the worst on record.

Weather Street: 2012 Atlantic Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

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19 Responses to 2012 Now The Worst Hurricane Season On Record

  1. Eric Webb says:

    Other than Isaac hitting Louisiana as a hurricane, (unlike Irene) this season has been relatively uneventful for the US.

    • I didn’t see any evidence of hurricane force winds hitting the US during Issac

      • Eric Webb says:

        Isaac was much more tightly wound than Irene, and oil rigs offshore reported sustained hurricane force winds. Also, if you look at radar before landfall, you can see that there was a meso within Isaac’s eye, meaning that the storm was tightening before landfall, Irene had nothing of the sort, and Irene was relatively dry on the southern side of the eyewall, most of the moisture was located north of the circulation. An oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico near the center of Isaac reported a wind gust of 106 MPH, the sustained winds needed to produce a wind gust like that are well above the threshold of 74 MPH.

      • Andy DC says:

        It is amazing the way that the peak winds of Irene and Isaac both danced around every weather station.

      • Eric Webb says:

        When you consider that it produced a wind gust of 106 MPH offshore of Louisiana and the fact that on radar you see within the very large eye of Isaac, a smaller meso feature within the eye as Isaac was making landfall, you know Isaac is tightening up due to frictional effects of land, thus the wind speeds are increasing. Unlike Irene, Isaac was a true hurricane.

      • Eric Webb says:

        “Offshore is not landfall” This is clear evidence of hurricane force winds within Isaac’s eyewall. When you actually look at radar loops of Isaac, you clearly see a meso feature within its eye as it is coming ashore, meaning that it was tightening and strengthening up to landfall, and was likely stronger at landfall as opposed to when the 106 MPH wind gust was reported when it was offshore.

      • Eric Webb says:

        Isaac was the opposite of Irene, Irene was weakening upon landfall, Isaac was strengthening

      • Eric Webb says:

        I seriously doubt any wind gusts of offshore with Irene were way up to 106 MPH, when you have winds like that, even if they are offshore, somebody clearly saw hurricane force winds. Kind of hard to have land based stations where Isaac made landfall when that area is a Wildlife Preserve

      • Eric Webb says:

        A wind gust of 106 MPH offshore tells you how strong Isaac really was, and there is no way Isaac could have possibly weakened so much that the sustained winds came down below hurricane force, not when you see that the storm is tightening up to landfall.

      • Eric Webb says:

        Lying windgauges? Nice try, not a good excuse Steve

    • sunsettommy says:

      Gosh Eric it would not be hard for YOU to prove that there were actual hurricane winds on the mainland but you never tried to show it just babble a lot and hope you wear us down with it.


  2. gator69 says:

    That’s alot of butterfly wings causing alot of misery. Maybe we should just wipe out all butterflies, and get rid of hurricanes altogether.

  3. Chewage says:

    Our last two storms coming in from the north pacific hit 130 MPH and 103 MPH but we don’t call them hurricanes here in Alaska.
    The weather station data Steven refers to for Isaac are our eyes and ears and there were not hurricane force winds at anytime along the gulf land-based stations.
    If there is one, please do point to it…

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