Hansen Predicted Peak Sea Ice Loss In Antarctica

Antarctic sea ice is at a record high for the date, and close to an all-time record. Hansen predicted peak ice loss there, because climate models are completely useless.

Alarmists ignore Antarctica, because they have no integrity or any actual interest in science.




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14 Responses to Hansen Predicted Peak Sea Ice Loss In Antarctica

  1. Do you have a reference for where Hansen predicted peak ice loss there?

  2. Chewage says:

    They removed it for good reason, the Antarctic ice/snow mass is phenomenal and really makes them look like fools!

  3. OK, I assume you mean this –

    “Ground albedo decrease also provides a substantial feedback (Figure 2-3). The ground albedo
    change (Figure 2-4a) is largely due to reduced sea ice. Shielding of the ground by clouds and the atmosphere (Figure 2-4b) makes this feedback several times smaller than it would be in the absence of the atmosphere. However, it is a significant positive feedback, and for this model it is at least as large in the Southern Hemisphere as in the Northern Hemisphere. “

  4. Where’s the #1 James Hansen apologist, Tony Duncan?

    • Let me fill in for him –

      (1) This particular model is “obsolete”, the newer may or may not be somewhat less crappy…
      (2) 97% of scientists agree with whatever I think up
      (3) Yeah maybe they can’t predict anything but since you can’t do better either, we must believe what they tell us*
      (4) This is a moral issue and you are evil if you don’t accept my opinion.

      Did I miss one?

      * Special thanks to David Appell.

  5. Wayne Ward (truthsword) says:

    Yes, you forgot – That was a misquote or the reporter made it up.

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