Obama’s Core Principles

  1. Take credit for anything good which Obama failed to stop
  2. Blame Bush for anything bad which Obama caused

Obama takes creepiness to new heights.

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4 Responses to Obama’s Core Principles

  1. johnmcguire says:

    obama and his minions , including the msm , have no shame and know no bounds in their evil intent . They have no principles , none , zip , nada , zero , and will say anything and tell any lie if they think it will benefit them . Their goal is to steal as much money as they can and destroy as much decency as they can until they are thrown out of power . The question is will they be thrown out of power or will there be revolution and destruction in America ? Are they american people so blinded by greed and dependency that they will actualy vote for obama again ? Can we trust the voting system ? I know that here in oregon we have the fraud called vote by mail and I am reasonably certain that there is a significant percentage of the vote being done by those who have no legal right to vote . But if you ask for an accounting you are told that to think that is rediculous and paranoic . Of course the party in power is also the most corrupt group of people in the state as they are quite willing to sell their souls for money and power . All that said , are the republicans anymore righteous ? I watched the republican sham as they did everything in their power to silence and shut out Ron Paul . And the republicans now have a track record of promoting men of dubious record as their preferred canidate with mccain and now romney . Do they deliberately promote men who have undesirable characteristics that impede their getting elected ?

  2. He is losing in November and is out in January. America lives and learns.

  3. philjourdan says:

    While Bush is the main target, Obama is ready to blame anyone and everyone for his failures.

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