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Shock News : Destroyed Arctic Gains 1000 Manhattans Of Ice Overnight

The Arctic, which which destroyed by the global warming death spiral this summer, has mysteriously gained 1,000 Manhattans of ice overnight. COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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White House Continues To Lie About The Terrorist Attack In Libya

American intelligence officials insist that the attack on the Benghazi consulate was not pre-planned, but a new CNN report says that Ambassador Chris Stevens had expressed concerns about the safety of the mission in the months before his death. According … Continue reading

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Wicked Antarctic Meltdown Continues

Temperatures are only 133 degrees below the freezing point, and the ice sheet is collapsing. Weather Forecast Vostok, Antarctica | Vostok Weather | Wunderground

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Obama Cares Equally : He Wants To Hurt 100% Of America

For some reason, the press has hidden this Obama career ending video for almost five years.

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Heavily Funded Deniers

A ‘first final cut’ of Craig Rosebraugh’s new film about the power of the oil industry, the global warming disinformation campaign, and the BP Deepwater Horizon oil blowout disaster was screened on September 13 at the international conference on Culture, … Continue reading

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Pravda Takes Over The US

The MSM comes to Obama’s rescue. Every aspect of his presidency is proving to be a complete disaster, so the MSM goes into full attack mode against Romney for pointing out what a complete mess their messiah has made.

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Berwyn : Edges Of Antarctica Are Melting

Alarmists have developed this new theory that sea ice (with a lower freezing point) can be expanding while glacial ice in the interior (with a higher freezing point) is melting. These are genuinely the stupidest people in the world. Global … Continue reading

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Holder Clears Himself

Cynicism at the Nixon Obama White House seemingly knows no bounds. Holder has refused to turn information over to Congress and instead chose to investigate himself. These people genuinely hate America. Latest US news, world news, sport and comment from the … Continue reading

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1894 Hurricane Devastated Newfoundland

CO2 was super-safe at the time. 15 Oct 1894 – HURRICANE.

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Real Climate Loses A Pole

Not only has NSIDC lost track of the South Pole, but Real Climate has too Polar Amplification Filed under: Arctic and Antarctic Climate modelling Climate Science Greenhouse gases — group @ 2 January 2006 Guest commentary by Cecilia Bitz, University … Continue reading

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