Shock News : Destroyed Arctic Gains 1000 Manhattans Of Ice Overnight

The Arctic, which which destroyed by the global warming death spiral this summer, has mysteriously gained 1,000 Manhattans of ice overnight.

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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10 Responses to Shock News : Destroyed Arctic Gains 1000 Manhattans Of Ice Overnight

  1. kirkmyers says:

    The massive arctic cyclone in early August broke up the sea ice and skewed the minimum-extent figure this season. Look for the ice to rebound quickly now that temperatures have fallen.

    In the meantime, antarctic sea ice extent is way beyond normal for this time of the year. But don’t expect NSIDC to put out any press releases. It doesn’t fit the “humans are melting the polar caps” scare story.

    • I remember seeing an animation of satellite images showing the obvious flowing of ice out of either side of Greenland some seasons ago . It was obvious wind and or currents were largely responsible for the decline of ice in the arctic basin .

      Does anyone have a link to that animation ?

  2. Bob says:

    There’s more multi year ice than there was in 2008, and of course they completely ignore the million or so square miles of broken ice as if it doesn’t exist.

  3. Rick Pay says:

    Thats better 😉

  4. Chewage says:

    The blasting winds and spectacular jet-streams in the north Pacific and north Atlantic over the past several days should be affecting the arctic ice pack negatively, but they are not.
    What comes next is not good for the warmsters, for certain.
    Note the circumpolar velocities and the splendid jet dip over the U.S., they are an indicator of heat loss and not of the OLR type…

  5. All those little storm chunks are hooking up via the internet. 😉

  6. MFKBoulder says:

    Tiem to pay, Steven

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