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Christian Strawman Monitor Jumps In The Dung Heap

In the post, climate change skeptic and blogger Steven Goddard states that Antarctic sea ice reached its highest level ever recorded for the 256th day of the calendar year on Sept. 12. He reasons that the Southern Hemisphere must be balancing … Continue reading

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Wilhelm’s Horse Farts Caused The Rhine To Dry Up


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McKitten Hoping To Bring Back The Good Old Days Of Climate Safety


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The Obama Achievement Clock Keeps Ticking

In 2008, Obama complained that Bush increased the debt by three trillion in eight years. Apparently that just wasn’t fast enough for Obama’s tastes. http://moveleft.org/obamas_promises/www-barackobama-com_issues_fiscal.pdf

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Jeff Masters Lowers The Freezing Point Of Water By 120 Degrees

Rain showers at -94F. Nice forecast Jeff. Weather Forecast Vostok, Antarctica | Vostok Weather | Wunderground

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Morning Invocation

If you travel to either pole and freeze your nuts off, thou art required to report back to the congregation that you saw lots of ice melting – as the great prophets, Gore, Hansen  and Trenberth recently did. Your eyes were … Continue reading

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I Predict Final Collapse Of The Global Warming Scam Within Four Years

Arctic expert predicts final collapse of sea ice within four years | Environment | guardian.co.uk Antarctica currently has the most sea ice ever recorded for the date, which is 17,000 Manhattans larger than the greatest amount of sea ice ever recorded in … Continue reading


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Another Obama Venture Bites the Dust

Siemens Layoffs: Wind energy company to lay off 400 at Fort Madison, Iowa, wind turbine blade plant Siemens Layoffs: Energy company to lay off 400 at Fort Madison, Iowa, wind turbine blade plant | abc7chicago.com If not for Obama’s stimulus, unemployment would … Continue reading

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Doomed Arctic Gains Four Thousand Manhattans Of Ice In Two Days

A new Manhattan of ice is forming in the Arctic every 43 seconds. This must be terribly confusing to the Polar Bears, which all died this summer due to ice-free conditions.

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Another Statistic Bites The Dust

Our friends used to be obsessed with the record highs to record lows ratio, until it went south. The ratio of record lows to record highs is almost 4:1 over the last three days. HAMweather Climate Center – Record Events … Continue reading

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