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Your Aunt’s Chili Did This

1886 was the most active hurricane season on record in the US, but the storms were across the pond too. Climate experts say that this sort of hurricane activity is impossible without human intervention, because they are complete morons. THE … Continue reading

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Week One Hall Of Shame

Three players stood out this week for their spectacularly poor Champions League play. Terry takes the #1 spot for running an offsides trap after the pass had already been received, and cost Chelsea the win. Kompany takes the #2 spot for ducking … Continue reading

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Evening Invocation

The great CO2 god has blessed us with a record Arctic minimum, but the Koch Brothers test our faith with a record Antarctic maximum. Do not be led into the temptation of using your own brain. Penn State University has your back … Continue reading

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Your Great-Great Grandfather Did This

In 1886, the US was hit by a record seven hurricanes, including two major hurricanes. Your family ate way too many beans that year, and caused the disaster. I consider them to be guilty of climate crimes. File:1886 Atlantic hurricane season map.png … Continue reading

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2,000 Manhattans Of New Arctic Ice Today

The doomed Arctic gained more than 2,000 Manhattans of ice today.

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My Name Is Barack Obama, And I Approved Of This Message

Monica Lewinsky set to reveal Bill Clinton kinky sex secrets and disdain for Hillary – NYPOST.com

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Wisconsin 45 Degrees Cooler Than 1936

Weather Street: Temperature Forecast Movie The low temperature at Darlington , Wisconsin on September 23, 1936 was 65 degrees. This year it is forecast to be around 20 degrees. NOAA tells us that this is the hottest year ever in … Continue reading

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