One To Keep An Eye On

Ema Boateng migrated from Ghana a few years ago. He is now a freshman at UCSB. I watched him play last night against UCLA, and was blown away by his speed and skill.

Ghana is the country which traditionally eliminates and humiliates the US at the World Cup.

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6 Responses to One To Keep An Eye On

  1. Red Seewun says:

    the only humiliation possible with soccer is being seen playing it.

    if i want to watch people run around doing nothing, i’ll go to a track meet: at least there you have a winner and a loser.

  2. Andy DC says:

    I counted over 50 commercials during a half of NFL football, which took an excrutiating hour and 45 minutes to play. It is beginning to turn me off. I might start watching soccer pretty soon.

  3. GeologyJim says:

    When I was at UCSB back in the late 60s, they disbanded the [American] football team because the Mighty Fighting Gauchos were that bad – – yeah, they sucked.

    So, why not revive futbol in the 21st century

    Go Gauchos! Go! Fight! Win!!

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