Howard Stern Interviews Obama 2012 Supporters

Are you happy that Obama chose Paul Ryan as his VP? Yep.

Does it bother you that Romney is a Muslim. No.

Do you support Obama because he is anti gay? Yeah.

Do you support Obama because he’s pro life? Yeah. I like life.

Do you want to see Obama kill Osama Bin Laden if he wins re-election. Yeah I’d like to see him dead.

Do you think Sarah Palin will help McCain this time? Yeah she has more experience this time.

h/t to Dave G


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12 Responses to Howard Stern Interviews Obama 2012 Supporters

  1. Me says:

    Yep, it’s sheeple! šŸ˜†

  2. It could be worse. What am I saying! I never imagined in one billion years it could be this bad!

  3. Andy DC says:

    It that a parody, or is that really true?

  4. rocknblues says:

    I bet you the racist folks in the comments are from Democrats also!

  5. rocknblues says:

    I bet you the racist comments in the comments section were made by Democrats also!

  6. OMFG. People need to show more than ID before they’re allowed to vote.

  7. hkorp says:

    There are now more ways to voice your opinions than ever in the history of the world. Yet there seems to be less and less listening going on.

    I had a first hand experience of this kind of willful ignorance or outright stupidity. When I was at my early twenties I was at a my girlfriend-at-the-time’s apartment with her friends and their boyfriends the week after 9/11. 9/11 was obviously not seen as significant in Finland as in the US or even in the GB, but it was on the news all the time. Any fool could see that a lot of things were going to be different from now on. Things would happen. The gloves would come off. Wars would start. We would all be personally affected one way or the other.

    After hours of listening about who has a thing for who and what pop-star did what, I tried to start a conversation about what people thought would happen on the world stage now that 9/11 happened. Everyone just went quiet and ackward. Few seconds later my girlfriend-at-the-time whispered:

    “Nobody cares”

    Yep. One the most world-changing single event in our lifetime had just happened, and nobody cared to discuss what consequences it had. The girls more interesting stuff to discuss, like what awesome facts of life they had read on Cosmopolitan. The guys were all into sports, working out and sex and absolutely nothing else. They didn’t know anything about politics or how our society works, and they couldn’t imagine why they even should ā€“ and most of them got their Masters degree on economics just a few years later. That’s what happens when sosialism and free education lowers the bar so low that even full-blown idiots can graduate from university.

    I feel sorry for people like that. Stuff just happends to them and they have no idea why. They cannot see anything happening before it hits them.

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