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Bianca Jagger Gets Her Terms Mixed Up

Bianca Jagger: The Climate Clock Is Ticking: In 42 Days, You Can Elect a U.S. President Who Makes Difference Bianca seems to be unaware that Obama had to fix the climate during his first term. Bianca Jagger: The Climate Clock … Continue reading

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What Lefties Hate

Most lefties suffer from a mental illness where they feel the need to control other people in order to protect themselves from their neurotic fears. They hate it when people won’t play their games or play by their rules. It makes them … Continue reading

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The One Who’s Name Must Not Be Spoken

NSIDC continues to show record sea ice levels in Antarctica, but Antarctica is like Valdemort in their press releases (at least since the collapsing ice-shelf scam collapsed.) S_timeseries.png (1050×840)

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Fewest Forest Fires On Record

There have been 47,437 forest fires this year. That is the smallest YTD total since the National Interagency Fire Center started tracking it in 2003. It is almost 25% below the mean and about one fourth of the 1938 total. National Interagency Fire … Continue reading

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Preparing For Winter

Whatever the winter weather is like, it will be blamed on “the record low ice extent.” It is trivial to demonstrate that September ice extent has essentially no effect on the climate. 1) Sea surface temperatures in the Arctic Ocean are at or … Continue reading

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The New Normal : Lie About Everything

Over the last two years, the consequences of 150 years of fossil-fuel development have materialized with a vengeance. The U.S. has experienced the worst drought in 80 years, replete with unprecedented Western fires and fears of widespread crop failure. This … Continue reading

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Their Hopes And Dreams Shattered

The UK Met Office predicted that half of the years between 2011 and 2015 would be the hottest on record, but with El Nino collapsing – their divide an odd number by two error is pretty much doomed. sst_anom.gif (800×600)

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Will Al Gore’s Personal Carbon Footprint Push Earth Past The Tipping Point?

I am not certain that Al Gore alone can destroy the planet, but Al Gore + James Cameron certainly will.

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Shock News : European Cold Has Nothing To Do With Arctic Ice Extent

Our friends have been saying that late summer Arctic ice loss causes cold winters in Europe, but remarkably Europe sometimes has cold winters when late summer Arctic ice extent is high. The Sydney Morning Herald  I have no idea how anyone could be dumb enough to believe … Continue reading

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The Five Stages Of Antarctic Grief

Pretend that you don’t notice the 30 year steady growth of Antarctic sea ice Pretend that you don’t remember that you predicted maximum sea ice loss in the southern hemisphere Highlight articles about Penguins being threatened by loss of Antarctic … Continue reading

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