Shock News : European Cold Has Nothing To Do With Arctic Ice Extent

Our friends have been saying that late summer Arctic ice loss causes cold winters in Europe, but remarkably Europe sometimes has cold winters when late summer Arctic ice extent is high.

The Sydney Morning Herald 

I have no idea how anyone could be dumb enough to believe that variations in September ice extent could control January/February weather, but peer review tells us that stupidity is rampant.

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3 Responses to Shock News : European Cold Has Nothing To Do With Arctic Ice Extent

  1. gator69 says:

    We have a media that feeds and cultivates morons. To me the break up of ice by a severe storm, would tend to release more heat in the waters there by removing the insulating ice and mixing the waters more. This would also seem to set up a quick recovery of new ice, given the calendar we see.

    But I honestly do not care, nature will do as it pleases and not give any thought to us. Geology is a humbling pursuit.

  2. Sundance says:

    These are cause based alarmist, anti-individual collectivists who are well organized and operate through ventures like the Climate Desk and other activist outreach programs. They target kids at the university level where they can shape impressionable minds. The truth has never been important in politics, it’s about repetition of message and progressives are winning the propaganda war because the message appeals to those who have the romantic belief that they are champions of a good against evil. Simple stuff for simple minds.

  3. Shooter says:

    Clearly the Sun has no influence, and it’s just CO2! BURN THE HERETICS!

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