A Tribute To The Barbecue Summer

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10 Responses to A Tribute To The Barbecue Summer

  1. The Met are way out on their Sep forecast – warmer and drier than normal.

    Watch this space. I will be posting at the end of the month, but we are already much colder and wetter. (Now why would that come as any surprise?)

  2. Ben says:

    We need the Met to forecast accelerating CO2 levels… and the bankruptcy of Western civilization. Then the opposite will happen…

  3. Ben says:


    Do you have an open thread where we can post links that may be of interest (like the one below)?


  4. The above T-shirt worthy of a $750 prize in this contest by guess who? http://atrium.threadless.com/dirtyweather/

    Though I think the judging organization might think otherwise……..

  5. John Edmondson says:

    Can anyone remember the drought warnings in the early spring? I think the met office predicted a dry and warm spring. A prediction which failed almost immediately.

  6. Stephen Richards says:

    I live in SW France and regularly read the BBC/Met off forecast for my nearest major town. What has been really strange recently has been their added 5 day forecast after their normal 5 day forecast. So this is a full 10 days. Now we all no that they struggle with an ACCURATE 6 hours forecast, witness recent events in the UK, so I never expected a 10 day to be any good but what was intriguing was that the forecast temps for their first 5 days have been, well, OK. A little high but that is forgivable, but for the following 5 days their temp forecasts have been totally stupid. I mean so high that they would break all known records. This has been happening consistently for at least the last few months.

    It looks like they have CO² warming in their basic weather model and serious CO² warming at that.

    I think calling them clowns sort of insults clowns after all clowns are very professional actors who strive for perfect timing and outcomes.

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