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Fruits And Nuts

I took a tour of the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins the other day. I like their Fat Tire beer, but most of their beers taste like they have Drano in them – which they describe as being a “hoppy taste.” They … Continue reading

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Big Trouble Down At HQ?

Antarctic ice area was poised to break the all time record for either pole today, but UIUC has not updated their table to day 2012.7316. They have however updated their Arctic table to day 2012.7316. Why the delay? I can imagine that … Continue reading

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97% Of Sane People Agree That Fossil Fuels Have Saved Billions Of Lives

Without fossil fuels and other petroleum based products, humans would still be living in mud shacks and dying at age 25.

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Shock News : We Are All Going To Die Again

We all died horrible deaths during the 1980s when civilization collapsed, and now we have to suffer the same fate again. http://news.google.com/newspapers Thirty one years later – Sep 25, 2012 More than 100 million people will die and global economic … Continue reading

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WaPo Weather Reporters Can’t Possibly Be As Stupid As They Pretend To Be

You can’t make this stuff up. 09/06/2012 By Brian McNoldy Michael: first major hurricane in super active Atlantic season Michael unexpectedly exploded last night, becoming the 7th hurricane and the first major, category 3 storm of the Atlantic 2012 season. The … Continue reading

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