Shock News : We Are All Going To Die Again

We all died horrible deaths during the 1980s when civilization collapsed, and now we have to suffer the same fate again.

Thirty one years later –

Sep 25, 2012

More than 100 million people will die and global economic growth will be cut by 3.2 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) by 2030 if the world fails to tackle climate change, a report commissioned by 20 governments said on Wednesday.

100 mln will die by 2030 if world fails to act on climate – report | Reuters

But no worries, Hansen says that it is already too late to do anything.

Bianca Jagger: The Climate Clock Is Ticking: In 42 Days, You Can Elect a U.S. President Who Makes Difference

The UN says that it was already too late by the year 2000

Mercury News: Search Results

Does it ever occur to these people that they are completely insane morons?

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17 Responses to Shock News : We Are All Going To Die Again

  1. John Dawson says:

    So few penalties for so many insanities. One more: even if their incredible alarms were credible, fossil fuels would still be the greatest boon to humanity since agriculture. 100,000,000 die because of CO2 emissions? 600,000,000,000 would not be here without CO2 emitting fossil fuels! That’s the difference between pre fossil fuel population and today’s. And we live twice as long, and infinitely better. If these idiots (or nihilists) succeeded in banning fossil fuels (and some want to ban nuclear too), the result would be global genocide and medieval lifestyles for the survivors.

    • philjourdan says:

      Ehrlich and friends WANT all those people dead, they are the epitome of the “close the door once I get in” syndrome.

  2. handjive says:

    A SELF-STYLED Taiwanese “prophet” was convicted of “spreading rumours” when he said a monster earthquake would destroy the island last month and fined $1380, a court said.

    He may face additional fraud charges as prosecutors are investigating claims that he might have cooperated with container businesses to set up a shelter village in Nantou.

    Tar, feather & jail the frauds.

  3. Ben says:


    Given that there are already 50,000,000 climate refugees, we don’t have far to go… /sarc

  4. joe from Australia says:

    These 100 million they would blame war on climate change wouldn’t as they blame it for just about everything

  5. Back in the 80’s we did think these guys were completely insane morons because these articles were usually put alongside column space about three headed goats. Unfortunately these personalities acquires large followings relatively recently… Prior to that we all just thought they were cranks.

  6. Andy OZ says:

    The 80’s was a time for hundreds of well dressed evangelical preachers with beautiful churchs paid for by their congregations and then they subsequently fell from grace on live TV. They’ve modified their catechism to worshiping climate theory and upscaled the donations by going direct to government.
    The new prophets still need a congregation for validation, but mainly for votes for their meal ticket, Obama. Another fall from grace will occur and once again the emperor will be seen naked.

  7. A Lovell says:

    “Dies it ever occur to these people that they are completely insane morons?”

    It doesn’t even occur to them that they’ve been proved wrong…………….

  8. Joe's World(progressive evolution) says:


    I seem to remember that religion seemed to dominate much of the television until their greed and corruption surfaced to bring many scandals.
    Scientists were to NEVER be questioned as they are our innovators to understanding our planet and solar system. Technology advanced and now the ordinary person has access to data and science in many areas. They ARE questioning scientists…yet scientists still believe they should NEVER be questioned as they are ALWAYS right.

    I have come across massive bullcrap in many areas due to single minded thinking that stops at many barriers that our “experts” cannot cross by the LAWS generated before technological advances.

  9. philjourdan says:

    Ehrlich is wrong. 7 billion of us are going to die. Last I checked, no one lived forever.

    • Joe's World(progressive evolution) says:

      A great many more than that if(scientists don’t include the past), you include past and future generations. 🙂

  10. Sundance says:

    Did anyone think about global population increase by in 2030 and factor that into the analysis? I’ve not seen anyone do it yet. The estimate for 2030 is 8.5 billion people and the increase in deaths catagorized as being associated to CO2, according to the study, is roughly 1 million. When you actually calculates deaths per total global population, we will actually see a reduction in climate change related deaths by 2030.

  11. Andy DC says:

    The states of Florida and Arizona are basically inhabited by climate refugees who got tired of shoveling snow and freezing their butts off.

    • mark says:

      These people exhibit every symptom of paranoid megalomaniacs. They aren’t mentally well and their disease is contagious. Believing that the sea levels will rise in a cataclysmic flood due to mankind’s sin of burning fossil fuels is a timeless religious/mythological motif (like Noah and other folkloric Flood stories) It’s not science, it’s a literal belief in a universal mythology mistaken for science. When the two get confused, it is called “insanity”. These people are insane.

  12. There goes that creepy James Hansen picture again.

  13. NikFromNYC says:

    100 million claim featured by a guest blogger on top blog site Instapundit, with headline: HIDE THE DECLINE:

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