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Important Global Warming Dates Coming Up

In a few months, we will reach the critical point when there has been no global warming for more than half of the RSS satellite temperature record – which extends back to 1978. In a few weeks, we will reach … Continue reading

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Joe Bastardi Gives His Updated Autumn Forecast

Guest post by Joe Bastardi ——————————————————————– This is precisely what I was bringing up in the heat of the summer when the AGW Drivellers were using the heat wave over the US, like they used the Russian summer of 2010, … Continue reading

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Joe Romm Completely Loses His Mind

Romm writes of an “Epic Dust Bowl”, only he seems to have missed the part about the dust. The US corn crop in 2012 is forecast to be the eighth largest on record. The 2012 drought is in no way … Continue reading

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The Reverse Hockey Stick In Svalbard

According to Phil Jones, Svalbard has been cooling since the beginning of their records in 1923. A new study from James Hansen University chooses to use proxy data, while ignoring the thermometer data. Summers on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard are now warmer … Continue reading

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McKitten Hoping To Melt The Statue Of Liberty

Twitter / billmckibben: Himalayan scientist” ‘It’s … Bill is pushing hard to wreck our freedom in the US, as part of his brilliant attempt to end the interglacial. h/t to Marc Morano

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Antarctic Sea Ice Facts

Antarctic sea ice now covers 19,454,000 km². This is the most sea ice ever measured at either pole, and is about the size of  the US and Europe combined, or 335,000 Manhattans. The ice extends more than 1,000 miles off … Continue reading

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Sea Ice Sets All Time Record High

Antarctica has broken the record for the greatest sea ice extent ever measured at either pole. ftp://sidads.colorado.edu/DATASETS/NOAA/G02135/south/daily/data/SH_seaice_extent_nrt.csv ftp://sidads.colorado.edu/DATASETS/NOAA/G02135/south/daily/data/SH_seaice_extent_final.csv NSIDC seems disinterested in their own data, choosing instead to write stories about Penguins being threatened by declining Antarctic sea ice. If current trends … Continue reading

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